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Dear Arkadians,

It's your Community Manager here again. This week, we have a new video up on our Youtube Channel. You can check out the MAKO FAL-1 Test Sequence here.


We are two short of reaching 400 members on arkadiaforum. Its very exciting for me to see the community slowly building up and how much has been achieved even prior to launch. Thank you for your support.

Arkadian Frontline News - The back story of Planet Arkadia continues

Sundari Zhen is trying to ease the tension between the two male protaganists. Will her efforts pay off? Find out more in Chapter 2.7 of the backstory, Permission or Forgiveness.

If you've just discovered the Arkadian Frontline News, feel free to read any of the previous instalments on our website and forum . We also have the backstory translated into various languages by the Community (see below). Kudos for the hard work!


Arkadian Frontline News (Français)
Credits to Adam, Ifuri, Vince and Duncan from

Arkadian Frontline News (Polska)
Credits to Vanburen from

Arkadian Frontline News (Nederlandse)
Credits to Razer, Khaos and Taoseeker

Arkadian Frontline News (华语)
Credits to Jacqueline Ang, Wu Yi Shan and Lee Chee Yen

Arkadian Frontline News (Deutsch)
Credits to Jamira from and Isabel von Prollius

Forum Bites

A forum is a great place for the development team to talk with the community, and we have been taking the opportunity to listen at our very own forum. Here are a few examples, and your chance to have a say!

Do you think you can contribute to the development of Planet Arkadia in one way or another? What are the pros and cons of these offer of assistance? Share your opinions on the issue here.

What are the ways that Planet Arkadia can promote interplanetary trade? Let us know your two cents worth here.

There's been some brilliant ideas being shared here on shops in Arkadia. Don't miss the chance to add your input!

If you have an image that reflects what you think Arkadia is going to look like, feel free to share it here. The best pictures as voted by the community will win premium memberships.

Social Networking

If you've missed out on the previous newsletter, you can go to our Facebook page, click on the Newsletter tab and click on “View Previous Campaigns”. You can also join in discussions on Facebook, just click the Discussions tab and let us know what you're thinking.


If you've seen all our test sequence videos, I think you'd want a little change. I've decided to put something special on show next week, so do catch the updates on the next newsletter!

Til then, take care.

Cyrus Chen


P.S Don’t forget to forward this to any friends you think might be interested, thanks.

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