December 2014 | Vol. 8 - No. 4
The Holiday season is upon us and festivities at The Children's have already begun! This is the time of year to be reflective and thankful for family, friends and loved ones. Our team at Where Kids Come First offer up some insightful advice on keeping traditions alive and finding love in the details of holiday preparation. We're also offering up some useful prevention tips for dealing with the unpredictable.

Wishing all of our readers a happy and healthy New Year and all of the best during the Holiday season.
The editorial team at Where Kids Come First
A letter of thanks from the father of a healthy, rambunctious toddler
Three-year-old Meghan is now full of life thanks to open-heart surgery performed just after she was born [+]
10 things every parent should know about RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) [+]
Safe celebrating during the Holidays [+]
Fever in infants and young children [+]
How to manage kids’ Holiday expectations [+]
Should we let them believe in Santa? [+]
Q: My son keeps getting cold sores. How can I help to prevent them?
A: Your child is not alone. According to one source, 62 per cent of Americans will be infected with herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) by the time they reach adolescence. In some cases, children can contract the virus through toy sharing at their daycare facilities. [+]
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True or False?
I’ve heard that the flu vaccine is unnecessary, or that it can actually cause the flu. Is that true?

False. Flu shots can't cause the flu, but this is perhaps the most persistent of the myths about the flu vaccine. All influenza vaccines contain a dead virus in order to build up immunity to the illness. While your child may develop flu like symptoms such as a mild fever, or a runny nose, this is normal, and is not a manifestation of the flu. In fact, these symptoms are a good sign. [+]
The Simple Plan Foundation makes a $15,000 donation to the Children to support music therapy
The Simple Plan Foundation has donated $15,000 to help fund the project Simple Plan Musical Box and music therapy. In addition to music therapy sessions, this project will provide young patients with new musical instruments tailored to their needs and in compliance with the standards of the future hospital. [+]
Great success at our new Glen site’s Open House [+]
The people behind our patient move! [+]
Dealing with health problems during the Holidays [+]
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