October 2013 | Vol.7 - No. 2
When it comes to burn and fire prevention, what may seem obvious to you as a parent is a foreign concept for most exploring toddlers, and even curious teenagers. That’s why prevention and parental supervision are the only reliable ways to stop burn injuries in and around the home from happening.
Fire Prevention Week runs from October 6th through the 12th, and this issue of our newsletter has timely information on the impact of burn injuries by featuring the story of Émile, who at three years old sustained serious injuries when he fell into a small backyard fire at his home. We also have additional information about how a few simple, routine precautions can go a long way in preventing injuries like these from affecting your family.
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Little Émile’s story reaffirms the importance of burn and fire prevention
It was an ordinary day for 3 1/2-year-old Émile and his family. The curious toddler was taking advantage of a nice day outdoors with his parents and two siblings as a small backyard fire burned in the distance. Cathy Lapierre and her husband, Patrice Couillard, were both supervising their three children when for a split second, their youngest son slipped from their view. [+]
A sound you can live with – the blare of your smoke detectors [+]
Preventing scald burns [+]
Treating scald burns [+]
Preparing your child for an upcoming medical procedure [+]
Visit the Family Resource Library [+]
My 6-year-old son is very self-conscious whenever he needs to get undressed. What can we say or do to make him realize he is fine the way he is and people come in all shapes and sizes?
Concerned mom
A: The same way adults can have trouble forgetting a mean or insulting comment, kids can be very sensitive to comments from their peers. Thankfully, as a parent, you are in the best position to model positive thinking and positive body image and provide reassurance to your son by reminding him of all the things that make him so special. [+]
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True or False?
Vitamin C protects people from catching colds.

False. Research studies on vitamin C and colds are not conclusive. Vitamin C does not appear to protect people from catching colds, but it may shorten the duration of a cold by half a day. Keep in mind that the best protection from a cold or flu is in your hands: make sure kids wash hands thoroughly and often during cold & flu season and practice good respiratory etiquette. [+]
Splash & Dash for The Sarah Cook Fund
On November 2, 2013 dozens of teams will be at the McGill Sports Centre to run and swim for a good cause. Sign up today! [+]
Do you know someone who’d make a great addition to the Family Advisory Forum? [+]
Trekking it for The Children's [+]
MCH doctors finish the Amazing Race Canada in fifth place [+]
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