January 2015 | Vol.8 - No. 5
The popularity of e-cigarettes is definitely on the rise and while some people are using them as a strategy to butt out cigarette smoking for good, more and more people—including children and teens—who don’t even smoke are taking up the e-cigarette habit. The fruity flavours and sophisticated image are two big factors that entice kids to try them but as you’ll see in this issue, just because they don’t have tobacco doesn’t mean they’re a safe or smart choice.
In celebration of Family Literacy Day on Tuesday, January 27, we’ve got some great tips on how to encourage any of the reluctant readers in your household to pick up a book. You’ll see that it’s not only fun for them, it’s fun for you too!
Happy reading (doubly true this month!)
The editorial team at Where Kids Come First
Jade’s courageous journey through cancer
Jade’s parents wrote to our Child Life Specialists, Anna and Bertrand, to thank them for their support during their daughter’s 2-year long treatments at the Children’s [+]
What parents should know about e-cigarettes [+]
Preventing Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning this winter [+]
Keeping your family active this winter [+]
Is your child a reluctant reader? [+]
Self-esteem: How can parents help? [+]
Q: How does ‘vaping’ e-cigarettes differ from smoking traditional cigarettes?
A: You don’t have to look very far to see that the use of e-cigarettes—a practice known as vaping—is on the rise. Many people see e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. So how do the two practices differ? And how are they the same? [+]
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True or False?
The sale and use of e-cigarettes in Canada is regulated by the government

False. Imagine you’re sitting in your local café and the person beside you takes out an e-cigarette. Chances are, the liquid they’re “vaping” has nicotine in it, and when they puff on the device, a little stream of vapour comes out. While this scenario might not be happening in every corner café, there’s currently little in the way of e-cigarette regulation in Canada, so there’s nothing to stop people from “lighting up” wherever they want. [+]
Desjardins Group gives $1M over 10 years to support the next generation of leaders in pediatric research
Over the course of the next 10 years, the most talented young researchers specialized in pediatrics of the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) will benefit from research scholarships called the Desjardins Scholarships in Child Health. [+]
Spiritual Care: helping families cope with their child’s illness [+]
Genetic discovery about childhood blindness paves the way for new treatments [+]
The Montreal Children’s Hospital is moving? [+]
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