June 2014 | Vol. 8 - No. 6
Those really hot days must be just around the corner, right? Whether you love the heat or could live without it, the summer days bring more sunshine.

We’ve got some great info this month about choosing—and using—the right sunscreen, and keeping your kids healthy when the temperature starts to rise. We’ve also got advice on getting ready for your family holiday, from taking a closer look at your travel insurance to helping your child deal with motion sickness.

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and our feature on Colleen, a teenager who suffered two concussions before her 18th birthday, tells what it’s like to live with constant headaches, loss of concentration, dizziness, nausea, and more. Her compelling story sheds light on why it’s so important to seek treatment for concussions.

Finally, like many of you, Where Kids Come First will be taking a little time off. Have a fun, safe summer and we’ll see you in September!
The editorial team at Where Kids Come First
Confronting concussions head on
West Island teen credits the MCH Trauma Centre’s mild Traumatic Brain Injury Program (mTBI) for her recovery [+]
Demystifying sunscreen: it’s in the label [+]
5 tips to avoid travel insurance woes [+]
Dehydration in the summer: sweating out the good stuff  [+]
Motion sickness: how to help your child [+]
Keeping your kids happy and healthy -- even during a heat wave [+]
My family has always used a sunscreen with SPF30. Should I be using a sunscreen with SPF60 or higher to ensure better sun protection?
A: To understand the benefits you get from sunscreen, you need to look at the numbers behind the SPF numbers. At first glance, it would be easy to think that a sunscreen with SPF60 will give you double the protection of a sunscreen with SPF30. But that’s not the case. [+]
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True or False?
Using sunscreen leads to vitamin D deficiency.

False. Vitamin D is an important factor in maintaining a healthy body. It is a fact that sun exposure contributes to the production of vitamin D in the human body, so by using sunscreen to block the sun’s harmful rays, you’re also limiting the amount of vitamin D you can produce. In the past decade or so, some medical professionals have suggested that we should all get a small amount of sun exposure to produce vitamin D, in particular people who live in northern climates. Dermatologists, however, disagree. [+]
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament

The 18th edition of The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, September 8, 2014 at the Royal Montreal Golf Club. Proceeds from the tournament will be used to create the Wendy MacDonald Chair for Pediatric Medical Education. [+]

The Caring for Kids Radiothon raised $1,460,000! [+]
The Ball for The Children ‘s : $1.1 million raised! [+]
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