October 15, 2015 | Vol. 9 No. 2
A letter of thanks from a grateful big sister
Éricka’s big sister, Mahéva, talks about her little sister's courage
"I’d like to share my little sister Éricka’s story, which is also a little bit of our family’ story. At the age of only 5 years old, my sister began suffering from terrible headaches that persisted and worsened by the day. She saw an unimaginable number of doctors and spent a lot of time in emergency rooms trying to find out what was causing them. The only diagnosis that was ever obtained was migraines." +

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Where does a fever come from?
Fever is simply the body’s way of fighting infection
For any of us, adult or child, fever can be uncomfortable. Your child might say they’re “burning up”, or conversely, that they have chills. So why do our bodies do this? +
Because our patients can’t make it to the field, our pals from the Montreal Alouettes made sure to pay their young fans a personal visit.
The Alouettes bring smiles to patients during hospital visit
A big thank you to all 36 players who stopped by and handed out gifts to all of our patients on the wards earlier this month -- it sure made for an exciting afternoon! Come back soon! +