December 2013 | Vol.7 - No. 4
The Holiday season has arrived, and this time of the year there are countless tasks on everyone’s to-do lists. With all the preparations and the numerous get-togethers, we can sometimes forget the importance of healthy habits like getting a good night’s sleep, taking time to relax and getting some exercise all while enjoying some fresh air.
This issue, we’re bringing you some timely tips to ensure your family enjoys the pleasures of the season while avoiding fatigue and common winter bugs. If your child does happen to get sick, however, we’re also including useful resources on the best places to seek medical care and how to decide on whether to consult a doctor or stay home if your child has flu symptoms.
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A letter of thanks
Doctors were doubtful our little angel would survive [+]
The straight dose: what to remember when your child gets a new prescription [+]
Growing demands: why a child’s body needs sleep [+]
Keeping stomach flu at a healthy distance [+]
How to manage kids’ Holiday expectations [+]
Don’t forget to take time to breathe during the Christmas and holiday season [+]
Q: My teen used to have no trouble sleeping but lately he hasn’t been sleeping well and sometimes he’s awake for quite a while. Could it be insomnia?
A: That’s a question that many parents ask from time to time. Insomnia is a disorder in which a person has a hard time falling asleep or has difficulty staying asleep. Sometimes there are underlying health problems that cause insomnia such as stress or anxiety, or chronic pain. In teenagers, insomnia is sometimes associated with mood disorders such as depression. [+]
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True or False?
Antibiotics will cure the flu.

False. Antibiotics have no effect against a viral illness like the flu. Rest and fluids are what's recommended for the flu virus. Antibiotics are medications that fight infections caused by bacteria, the flu is cause by a virus. [+]
Gifts they will cherish
This Holiday season, we are asking for your help to make the season a little happier for our young patients. Please donate now, and help The Children’s make this Holiday season happy and bright. [+]
No need to delay introduction of food allergens to high-risk babies, pediatricians advise [+]
Dr. Sherif Emil's dispatches from Rwanda [+]
Canadian researchers lead groundbreaking discovery in deadly childhood cancer [+]
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