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all about your january beer!


Welcome to 2022, friends! We start off with a bang this month with two barleywines. It's fitting as we generally think of those beers as winter warmers and for so many years the Beer and Barleywine Festival happens in the latter part of the month. 

Don't forget that you can purchase extra bottles/cans of your January club selections all month, for 10% off! 

If you would like to utilize our contactless pick-up option for your club at Metro, please call us at 907-569-3800 [ext. 1] to coordinate. We will get your name and pull your items. To use this option, the name on the ID must match the name of the person on the club list.



Grado Plato was founded in 2003 in the town of Chieri in Northwest Italy by Serigo Ormea and his son, Gabriele. They made the leap from homebrewing to owning and running a brewpub. Five years later they would expand again and build a brewery in Montaldo Torinese, a small town nearby.

They make a wide variety of beers, from Lagers to IPA, Ambers, Alts, an American hopped Green Tea Wheat beer, and even an Italian Grape Ale using Brachetto grape must from the nearby Tenuta La Pergola Winery.

On its label there are a number of blackbirds, which is the definition of Merla. It's said that in times long past Merla were white and on one of the coldest nights of the year a hen and her chicks sought refuge and warmth in a chimney, only to emerge black from all the soot. From then on all Merla were black. This is their beer to warm you up.

It weighs in at 10% ABV and pours still. The aroma is malty and reminiscent of fruit-in-syrup. On the first sip it sucks you in and coats your mouth. Again, malty with sweetness, but with a light bitterness and warming alcohol on the finish. The bottle is re-sealable so you can warm yourself up in several sittings if desired. 

j.w. lees

Harvest Ale Vintage 2015

J.W. Lees was founded in 1828 in Middleton, North of Manchester, England by a retired Cotton manufacturer, John Lees. Manchester was growing as a commercial hub at that time and helped bolster the brewery. His grandson, John Willie Lees took sole control of the brewery in 1876 and renamed it J.W. Lees. To this day it's still a family owned business in its sixth-generation. They employ over 2,500 people through their various pubs, inns, hotels, and brewery. 

They make a large selection of beers with the notables being Bitters, Lagers, Stouts, Pale Ales, and Barleywine.

Harvest Ale is a Barleywine made once a year from that year's harvest of Maris Otter malt and East Kent Goldings hops. It was an idea born from a conversation between then-Head Brewer Giles Dennis and J.W. Lees Chairman, Richard Lee-Jones following a Brewers Guild event in 1986. The idea was to create a Vintage Beer showcasing that season's ingredients like each vintage of wine showcases the grapes harvested from that year. 

At 11.5% ABV it pours a dark amber with an effervescence that fades quickly leaving no head. A light malt sweetness on the nose. It's medium-bodied with an upfront malt sweetness and alcohol warmth followed by a sharpness that leads to a touch of smoke and woodiness.

Try pairing these barleywines with lamb, venison, or even beef dishes with mushrooms. Classic cheddar cheese from England and Vermont stand up. We would be remiss if we didn't suggest a Stilton with the J.W. Lees Harvest Ale. Caramelized desserts like creme brulee, or a Tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream will be excellent as well.


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