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La Bodega Beer Club


All about Your January Beers 

East Coast & West Coast: Together At Last

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, and a new Beer Club! This month we also welcome a couple breweries new to Alaska: the owner of East Coast-based Shmaltz Brewing Co quit his day job and sold his beer door-to-door before settling into the success he's found today.

Meanwhile, Oregon-based The Ale Apothecary has been brewing bold, idiosyncratic wild ales in Bend since 2012: we are over the moon to welcome them to Alaska! 

The Ale Apothecary La Tache 

Welcome To Alaska, Apothecary!

We can hardly believe our eyes, but The Ale Apothecary is actually in Alaska. If you're not familiar with this super geeky, very delicious, limited production brewery out of Bend, Oregon then La Tache will be an introduction - they don't brew or distribute more than they want to (around 300 barrels a year), which makes their presence all the way up in Alaska even more exciting. 

They make wild, bottle-fermented, natural carbonation beers with farm-sourced ingredients. Their beers are also barrel aged and drink a bit like wine: La Tache is an American Wild Ale made with  house cultures, with notes of oak, honey, citrus peel and lactic tartness. If this seems barely carbonated, do not fear: this is by design! 

Shmaltz Brewing Chanukah, Hannukah: Pass the Beer

A Late Hannukah Treat

Hannukah may be over, but this chocolate-infused Dark Ale will pair perfectly with cold winter weather. Shmaltz Brewing Company is the project of California-born Jeremy Cowan, and they've been around in upstate New York for over 20 years now. Their beers are inspired by Jewish culture and heritage. To wit: Pastrami Pilsner and Funky Jewbelation. 

Chanukah is their new yearly tradition: a rich and malty "celebration beer" brewed with 8 hops, 8 malts, at 8% ABV. It marries sweet and malty notes of chocolate and vanilla with an earthy, pleasant hop bitterness that holds the back line. L'Chaim!


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