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La Bodega Sake Club


All About Your May Saké!

A Summer Song

Sunshine and saké will always go hand in hand. It's hard to imagine anything more satisfying then a chilled Daiginjo or a Honjozo on a beautiful sunny day, especially with saké's immense pairing capacity. You really can't go wrong with good food, cold saké and sun!

On May 19th at 6 PM we will be doing a Saké Zoom One Cup Tasting! Tickets will go on sale next week and seats are limited to ensure good communication. Also, the winner of the vintage saké set is Margaret S!

Konteki Tears of dawn Daiginjo

Seize the Day!

Konteki is brewed in Kyoto, the birthplace of saké. It is home to the pure water source Fushimi Mizuas as well as rice farmer Masayasu Tanaka. Tanaka grows rice for Konteki and is known for growing some of Japan’s Best Yamada Nishiki, a prized rice varietal known for its pleasant flavor, fine texture, and depth and richness of flavor.

Tears of Dawn has a milling rate of 50% and uses Yamada Nishiki rice along with a touch of distilled alcohol to open up aromatics and lighten the overall impact. It has lush fruity tropical notes with a touch of anise seed and a velvety and smooth finish. Try with Miso-glazed seafood, smoky cheeses, or pork ramen!

Bushido "Way of the warrior" Genshu Cans

The Life of a Warrior

The word bushido describes the principles the Samurai of Japan lived by, which allowed the existence of the fighting Samurai way to be balanced with wisdom, honor, serenity and poise. Bushido code is made up of 8 tenets: Righteousness, Heroic Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty, and Self Control.

Bushido Genshu cans have bright flavors of raspberry, Asian pear, and a hint of white flowers along with a spicy finish. Pairs with BBQ and adventure!


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