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La Bodega Sake Club


Your November saké Club!

Something Different!

The seasons are changing and the holidays are right around the corner. I’m wishing Alaska had a fall like Japan. While not saké, our bottles this month are still a fancy and elegant
Japanese beverage that deserve to be well-known and enjoyed!

Japan truly has something to offer for everyone with its varied and beautiful seasons. Check out this super amazing link of fall foliage destinations of Ibaraki (Where Kiuchi is located). Most of the color seems to pop in November. 

This month we are offering ume plum and yuzu wines. Both of these pair wonderfully with food. You can also mix with your favorite sparkling wine for an elevated feel, or sip alone since these babies are divine. 

Don't forget, if you liked either of these products, you can purchase extra bottles of these for the rest of the month for 10% off. 

If you would like to utilize our curbside pick-up option for your club at Metro, please call us at 907-569-3800 [ext. 1] to coordinate. We will get your name and pull your items. To use this option, the name on the ID must match the name of the club subscription.

Kiuchi Yuzu

Yuzu: the show stopper. 

Yuzu is a rare and expensive Japanese fruit that has been labeled the “sexiest of all fruits.” Loved by chefs, it has been described as smelling like every citrus fruit wrapped into one.

It’s rarely eaten alone due to its sour nature. More often it is used as a seasoning, a herbal medicine, to bathe in a Japanese Hot Springs on Solstice… or for Yuzu wine!

I found this to be far more complex then Joto Yuzu. It is elevated and wine like with flavors of lime, lemon, and grapefruit with undertones of mandarin orange. Sharp, tangy acidity, and lemony tartness.

Pair with Crab Puffs, Baked CodPistachio and Rose Cake, or Lemon Meringue. 

Kiuchi Ume

Ume-ke me crazy.

Ume plums are the fruit of the Japanese apricot tree, botanically classified as Prunus mume. They are actually an apricot but always referred to as a plum.

The tree flowers in late winter, typically late January or February in East Asia, before the leaves appear. The fruit ripens in early summer, typically June in East Asia.

Kiuchi Ume wine is made from the juice of green unripe ume. The juice is extracted by preserving the plums in sugar.

I really liked this ume, the nose is calm and plummy with hints of powdered sugar and acidity.
It is super smooth, subtlety sweet and fruity. Medium-bodied, super palatable, lightly tart with good acidity.

Try with Braised Cipollini Onions with Dried CherriesMatcha Cremé Brûlée, or your favorite Cranberry dish!



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