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All About Your November Beer!

A Choice Of Barrel Aged Special Releases From The Valley Boys

Bleeding Heart Brewery in Palmer, AK got its start on an 800-square-foot space in 2016, with a one-barrel operation fueled by a Kickstarter campaign and a can-do attitude. They have made a name for themselves since then as brewers making some of the best (and most creative) beers in the state, while never taking themselves too seriously.

Their time on the farm is coming to a close; as of early next year, they will share a space with Alaska Picker in downtown Palmer. If you never checked out their original digs, now is the time to do it! This month you choose one of four of these fantastic, barrel-aged limited bottle releases.

Self-Obsession Strange Ale

A Navel Gazing Good Time

Perhaps no beer captures the irreverent, experimental and trash-with-class style of Bleeding Heart like their Self-Obsession "Strange Ale." Their infamous "Garbage Can" charred oak barrel has been used for every beer of this series, creating a truly unique profile of bacteria and micro-fauna. 

When used to age a wheat ale for one year, the result is an excellent aged sour, copper-tinged yellow in color and subtle in its tart funkiness. 

Rosenrot Sour Rye

Not Worth Dying Over, But Almost

Rosenrot gets its inspiration from a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which then inspired a song by German industrial metal band Rammstein. In it, a man scales a mountain for a flower at the request of the woman he loves - only to die in the act. 

The actual beer inside the bottle is much less morbid. This delicious sour rye ale was brewed with Munich, Maris Otter, and Saaz hops and Lambic Blend yeast, and finally aged six months in the same scotch barrels that held their Scorched Earth Wee Heavy.

Honey Bucket Kuit

Reviving An Old Style, With An Alaskan Twist

Honey Bucket is an unlikely revival of a Dutch kuit, a three-grain style that goes back at least to sometime in the 16th century. Originally it was like a gruit, in that it used herbs in the place of hops; eventually it evolved and more recent versions did indeed use hops to provide some mild bitterness. 

This one was brewed with oats, wheat and barley, and fermented with local Alaskan honey. It was then aged in Merlot barrels for added complexity - this would be an ideal choice for fans of mead or obscure beer styles.

Scorched Earth Wee Heavy

A Viking Beer For Rugged Palates

Like the Rosenrot, this beer was brewed by Bleeding Heart's "associate brewer" Rick "Paw Paw" Polzin. This formidable Wee Heavy Scotch Ale was made with both Chocolate and peat-smoked Malt, and then aged for six months in Highland scotch barrels. 

All of this coalesces into a rich, nearly 10% ABV beer that is malty with a touch of smoke, yet with a sweetness akin to vanilla and cacao.


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Located in the Metro Mall

La Bodega 530 East Benson Blvd Suite 5 Anchorage, Alaska 99503 USA
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