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La Bodega Wine Club


All About Your May Wine!

Embrace Life's Surprises

Change happens in many ways, all the time. We are feeling that seasonally as well as personally, as the folks at The Potato head back to McCarthy and we prepare for the opening of Charlou in Spenard. For the grapes that made this month's wine, change happened at a cellular level and voila! Wine happened. As you will taste, change is good. 

Our "First Dibs" bottle this month is a delightfully well balanced 2011 Merlot from the cellar of winemaker Mark Nicholl out of Oregon. This is not something that was ever meant for the market, so we're happy to offer this to club members for $37.95.

William Rose Nouveau Pinot Noir 2018

All Seeds, All Stems, All Sticks!

Winemaking is a complex and multifaceted process, and though you don't need to know much about wine to enjoy it, sometimes getting a little nerdy can be fun. Take carbonic maceration, for example. Instead of adding yeast, fermentation is kicked off because whole grapes are trapped with carbon dioxide, causing a chemical reaction inside each individual grape. Instead of yeast, it is enzymes converting sugar to alcohol. Hooray science!

This Nouveau-style Pinot Noir from Eugene's Oregon Wine Lab is made with 100% whole grape clusters, which add some tannins and forest floor quality, mingling with ripe dark fruits and tingling effervescence. This would pair well with grilled salmon, pork loin or mushroom sauces.

Bootlegger Wines Bo's Pinot Noir 2017

Cheers From Oregon!

Typically, wine grapes will be destemmed before being crushed and fermented. Conversely, the Nouveau Pinot above was made entirely with whole clusters - stems and seeds included. This 2017 Pinot Noir was made with 30% whole clusters: the reason winemakers do this is primarily to add flavor, tannins and overall structure to the wine.

This private label bottle from Oregon-based, Australian-born winemaker Mark Nicholl is sourced from Willamette Valley's Appolloni, Croft and Bradshaw Vineyards. This vintage was also aged 10 months in neutral French oak, which helps make this a softer wine than the Nouveau, with gentle tannins and notes of ripe berries.


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