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La Bodega Beer Club


All About Your May Beer!

One Ale, One Lager, One Hybrid

The messy changing of seasons is in full effect now, and with Spring comes travel season. We get our fair share of visitors every year, but if you took a vacation to the source of our Beer Club participants you would have one heck of a trip.

Vietnam, Belgium and Oregon (and in a way, Germany) - when you live in Alaska you almost don't need to take a vacation, but new experiences and travels have a way of stretching out the head and the heart. Cheers to stretching out our taste buds too!

Saigon Beer company Saigon Export Lager

Good Morning Vietnam!

Saigon Beer Company (or Sabeco for short) is Vietnam's leading beer producer, and before they became a subsidiary of ThaiBev, they were a state-owned brewery under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Vietnam. The country in general aims to increase their beer production, and they're big fans of German and Czech styles.

Saigon Export is one of the most popular beers in the country, and its pale lager style makes it ideal for warm weather. It pours a fluffy white head with aromas of rice and subtle lemon, with a light body that gives off just a touch of bitter hops.

Wild Ride Brewing Keepin' It Kölsch

From Cologne to Redmond, Give Or Take A Couple Centuries

Humans are endlessly adaptable, but it doesn't mean we don't sometimes fear change. Today it is Hazy IPAs, but in the 17th century it was lagers.

Kölsch is a regional style born out of adaptation and reaction against those newfangled bottom-fermented beers. The result is something of a hybrid: a beer brewed with ale yeast at warm temperatures, but cold conditioned like a lager.

This Kölsch-style ale by Wild Ride Brewing emulates that original ale from Cologne, Germany: crisp and golden, with a light touch of hop bitterness and a drinkability factor that is very much by design. 

Brasserie Dupont & Allagash Brewing Brewers' Bridge

A Bridge Between New And Old

Belgian brewer Brasserie Dupont has been making Saison-style beers since 1844, and their Saison Dupont is thought of by many as the quintessential example of that style. Allagash Brewing out of Portland, Maine has been around since 1995, and their first ever beer was a Belgian-style wheat. Since then, they have become known as one of the world's best brewers of Belgian style beer. 

Brewers' Bridge is an appropriate name for this collaboration made in Belgian beer heaven: it is made with the famous Saison Dupont yeast, with American Cascade hops. The full-bodied result finds a wonderful balance between notes of fruit, bread and white pepper.


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