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All about your october wine!


Cincinnato is a very forward thinking cooperative based south of Rome in the village of Cori. It consists of 130 local growers, all of whom organically farm.

The ancient town of Cori is set among the olive groves and vineyards of the Lepini foothills. Its urban structure dates back to the 5th Century, with polygonal walls built on steep slopes to create massive terraces that supported the acropolis, the forum, the marketplace, and the residential areas. The ruins of the temple of Hercules and the temple of Castor and Pollux still stand on the acropolis.

Cincannato is deeply conscious of the importance of biodiversity, and for this reason has always been committed to regenerating and showcasing native grape varieties such as Nero Buono and Bellone. Their production protocol involves meticulously defined vineyard procedures, a harvesting calendar, and detailed vinification processes. The winery is renowned for its environmental efforts including organic methods, solar power, and local distribution using natural gas vehicles.

first dibs

Ciropicariello 'Brut Contadino' Sparkling Fiano

This is a DELIGHTFUL méthode champenoise bubbly from Campania, made from organically grown Fiano grapes with native yeast, no fining or filtration, and 24 months on the lees. The palate has notes of young orchard fruits and savory herbs, while bursting with saline-minerality. The finish is medium in length, resonating on mineral-infused pear with a hint of savory spice.

Enjoy with cheese, pastas, seafood, and ... everything ever.

Exclusive club member pricing is $34.50/bottle for the month (shelf pricing will be $38.25).

All club members are welcome to purchase extra bottles of current clubs, for 10% off (when available).

If you would like to utilize our contactless pick-up option for your club at Metro, please call us at 907-569-3800 [ext. 1]. To use this option, the name on the ID must match the name of the person on the club list. 

Cincinnato Bellone 'Castore'


Bellone “…is an outstanding grape variety, one of the best in Italy today. The wine has a telltale luscious texture and juicy acidity ...and delightful honeyed, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas and flavors.” (Ian d’Agata, Native Wine Grapes of Italy). Honestly, we couldn't agree more. Bellone was famous in Ancient Rome, and adored by Pliny the Elder who referred to it as “grapes pantastica,” (he loved eating the gr with bread).

The Cincinnato Bellone ‘Castore’ is named after the mythical twin Castor. It is fermented and aged in stainless steel, with no malolactic fermentation. It has a delicate, fruity nose with notes of apple and peach. The palate is fruitful, but well balanced by a bright and harmonious acidity. 

Pair with delicate pasta dishes, fish, and vegetables. 

Cincinnato Nero Buono 'Polluce'


Nero Buono (which means ‘good black grape’) is an ancient grape varietal (at least 2,000 years old) that has left its mark in the history of the Lazio region. It is a rarity even in Italy, but it's long been favored by Roma locals for pairing with the regional cuisine. Cincinnato helped give this rare grape a new lease of life, thanks to research and experimentation that documented its distinctive traits.

The Cincinnato Nero Bueno 'Polluce,' is a reference to the twin Pollux. Like the twins themselves, this wine mirrors the style of the Bellone. It is made entirely of Nero Buono, fermented and aged in stainless steel. The deep hue is because Nero Buono grapes are renowned for their intense pigmentation. The aromas and flavors here are distinctive, slightly herbal in a Cabernet Franc kind of way, and very drinkable. The palate is delicate, with a harmonic and elegant complexity. It is a very sophisticated wine that truly embodies its terroir.

Pair with all things braised meat, Indian food, and cuddles.


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