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Saké Week! double the saké, double the fun

Saké Week is Just Around the Bend!

Happy March! I hope the extra rays of sunlight are treating you well. I wanted to give the members of Saké Club an early heads up that Saké Week is just around the corner! 

Saké Week is a week of educational events, entertainment and dinners around town that are centered around the celebration of Saké. Saké week takes place the week of March 22nd, and finishes with Saké Expo on the 28th. We'll be sending out an e-mail about all events later this week!

Junmai for the masses

Chiyosono Shared Promise

The brewery Chiyosono was the first brewery to stop adding distilled alcohol to saké after WW2, which was common practice at that time due to rice shortages. They are considered front runners in the Junmai category.

The style Junmai is means that the saké was made using only water, koji, yeast and rice. As it currently stands it does not have a defining milling percentage (in the past a junmai's rice needed to be milled to at least 70%.) The milling rate however must still be labeled on the saké. It's flavor profile tends to be rice like and full bodied with umami characteristics. 

Chiyosono Shared Promise uses Gohyakumakgoku rice, and has a polish rate of 65%. It has a light sweetness and hints of citrus and plum, which lead the way towards umami notes. This saké is smooth and lightly savory with an acidic finish.

From day to dusk

Pure Dusk

Pure Dusk originates from Akita, which is known for its artisanal rice and pure water sources. 

The Toji of this brewery Norboru Minagawa gives thanks 3 times a day to mother nature, and the Shimizu Pure series is reflective of that.

Pure Dusk is a Junmai Daiginjo. That means it is made using only water, koji, yeast, and rice that has been milled to at least 50% of it's orginal size. Pure Dusk uses Komachi rice, and the rice has been milled to 45%.

This Daiginjo is clean and fruity on the nose with hints of melon and fig. The palate leads way to notes of light lilac and pear with a touch of melon. This saké is lighter bodied with a round and clean finish.


a Saké for hope

Kibo One Cups 

This one cup was brewed to commemorate the tragic earth quake and tsunami of March 2011 that left the brewery Suisen Shuzo completely destroyed and took the lives of 7 of their employees. The brewery was rebuilt and they were able to resume production in 2012. KIBO translates to hope in Japanese.

This Junmai style one cup is crisp and aromatic. The palate has steamed rice, earth, and honey notes. It finishes on the drier side. It is made with rice grown in Iwate and has a milling percentage of 70%.


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