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La Bodega Sake Club


All about your February SAké!

Snowed In!

Happy February! Grab your shovels, skis (or perhaps your snow shoes), and take the time to get outside while you can. For me February screams "snow" and what drink is more reminiscent of snow than a Nigori saké?

Nigori is a coarsely filtered saké where most of the rice particles are allowed to slip into the final product, creating a lush and creamy brew. Please chill and shake your bottles before drinking.

Don't forget that you can purchase extra bottles of your January club selections all month, for 10% off! 

If you would like to utilize our curbside pick-up option for your club at Metro, please call us at 907-569-3800 [ext. 1] to coordinate. We will get your name and pull your items. To use this option, the name on the ID must match the name of the person on the club list. 

Kurosawa Junmai Nigori

On top of old Smokeyyyyy, All covered with snooowwwww.

Kurosawa is located in Nagano, Japan high up in the mountains where the Winter Olympics were held in 1998. Kurosawa was founded in 1858 and today they are a 5th generation family ran brewery.

They specialize in traditional, well made saké, often using the Kimoto Method (saké made using the traditional "pole-ramming" method.)

This Nigori is made using Local Nagano Rice, that has been milled to 70%. This saké has notes of banana with a hint of earth on the nose. An off dry, medium creamy body. With lots of melon and cream notes on the palate, finishing with a hint of umami.

I'd pair this with Swiss cheeses, spicy foods, and BBQ. Or maybe combine the flavors and make a burger (or Portobello Burger) topped with Habanero Jam and Swiss. 

ozeki Shiro sasa

Ozeki was the first Japanese Company to start brewing in America, they set up shop in 1979 and never looked back.

They operate out of Hollister, California even using locally grown Californian rice. Ozeki is known for approachable but delicious saké. Shiro Sasa is less tropical then Ozeki's other nigori. This saké has light melon notes and is creamy and sweet. The rice is polished to 70%

Pair this with Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, or Spicy Sesame Pork.


M - Sat 10AM - 9PM & Sun 12PM - 7PM

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Located in the Metro Mall

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Saké Club - February

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