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All About your may saké!

Summer Has Returned, And That Calls For Celebratory Saké

After a bizarre week of lingering winter, the sun has finally returned and the snow appears to be gone for good. Commence Alaskan summer!

We can think of no better way to celebrate that fact than with a toast of sparkling plum wine and a cold glass of Junmai Daiginjo. This months saké club is just that; a brand new sparkling umeshu from Choya, and one of our all time favorite high-end Junmai Daiginjos.

So join us in embracing the change of seasons with a saké toast. Kanpai!

Konteki Pearls of Simplicity

Simply Pure

Hailing from Higashiyama Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture, "Pearls," as its lovingly known by the staff here at the 'Bo, is a truly exceptional Junmai Daiginjo. The temples surrounding Kyoto are known as the birthplace of saké, and to this day it is considered one of the premier regions in Japan for the production of quality saké. This is in large part thanks to its "fushimi-mizu," a pristine water source known for being some of the softest in the country.

Inside this beautiful, hammered glass bottle is a Junmai Daiginjo made from high quality Yamada Nishiki that has been milled to 50% of its original size. This gives it aromas of white flower and Asian pear with flavor notes of honeydew, citrus, and a hint of licorice. It finishes elegantly, with pronounced minerality and layers of texture.

The complexity of Pearls makes it a wonderful saké for sipping on its own, but it also makes a great pairing with rich seafood like scallops, halibut, or rockfish.

Choya sparkling Plum Wine

Sunshine in a Bottle

Choya is Japan's premier producer of Umeshu, or Plum Wine, and this is their brand new sparkling wine! While it isn't saké, it is something new and delicious that we feel our Saké Club members should get the chance to try first!

Fermented with 100% premium Nanko Ume, this bubbly delight comes in at 5.5% ABV, much lower than most other sparkling wines. It has a subtle sweetness, lovely mousse, and pleasant acidity.

Be sure to enjoy well chilled, ideally from a champagne flute, and share with friends, No celebration required.


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