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La Bodega Sake Club


All about your january saké club!

We. Made. It. 

Let's Celebrate. I'm toasting to bring more fun, and (distanced) friendship back into my life. Perhaps do small things to make my community feel more lively, like pick up 5 pieces of trash on every walk, or support more local businesses when I can. You know... just little things. 

To kick off 2021 we have something special in the mix... Pardon my English, I mean "Tokubetsu"in the mix. Don't forget that you can purchase extra bottles of your January club selections all month, for 10% off! 

If you would like to utilize our curbside pick-up option for your club at Metro, please call us at 907-569-3800 [ext. 1] to coordinate. We will get your name and pull your items. To use this option, the name on the ID must match the name of the person on the club list. 


Kokumi Tokubetsu Junmai 

Birds of a Special Feather

Ahhh "Tokubetsu" perhaps my favorite word in the Saké Lingo Glossary. Tokubetsu means special and is used to signify that the Toji has done something during the brewing process that makes the saké stand out in some way. 

Perhaps they used a higher rice polish then the saké grade calls for, or a rare rice varietal, etc. Often, but not always "Tokubetsu" signifies a Toji's "favorite child" in their saké lineup.

Kokumi Brewing is located in Kanto about 100 miles north of Tokyo. Kokumi has a polishing rate of 60% and uses Miyama- Nishiki Rice.

It is also made using traditional handcrafted methods and quality ingredients which Kokumi Brewing is known for. 

This saké has notes of pear and white flowers, it is medium bodied and smooth while still serving up a nice addition of umami. 

Pair with Carmelized Shiitake Mushroom Risotto, a Green Bean Shiitake Mushroom Stir-Fry, or Gruyere.

TOzai night swim

Don't Call Me Basic 

Opposite of the word Tokubetsu, we have Futsu. Futsu is a designator meaning basic table saké. Basic does not mean bad. Especially if it's directed at anything Pumpkin Spice ( in my humble opinion.)

This little can is one I will come back to time and time again, the packaging is so fun and the modern Japanese Graphics are lovely. The saké inside is delicious and filled with notes of banana creme, with a hint of pear.

Try pairing it with Peach Cobbler, Creamy Herb Chicken, or Garlic Ginger Pork.


M - Sat 10AM - 9PM & Sun 12PM - 7PM

(907) 569-3800 +

Located in the Metro Mall

La Bodega 530 East Benson Blvd Suite 5 Anchorage, Alaska 99503 USA
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