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Our society is now re-engaged in a struggle with racism. Where do we as individuals and as faith communities stand, and what is the work to which we are called?

Isabel Wilkerson, interviewed by Krista Tippett in 2016, mused that legislation to protect black people in the 1860s required renewal a century later because hearts had not changed. “The heart is the last frontier because we have tried so many other things”; profound empathy is the path forward, she proposed.

In Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder Religion, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove describes “shriveled heart” syndrome resulting from not responding to the needs of suffering others. He suggests that the way to heal is through deep listening and action to “respond faithfully to the people we’ve heard . . . Risk something”.

Although still restricted by the pandemic, we can deepen our listening to the voices of the global majority (known in the U.S. as the “minority”), and choose to step out of our comfort zones to mount a response faithful to God’s call through the voices of his/her beloved people. Let us do the healing work together, courageously, joyfully.

Mary Krolikowski

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Contemplative Prayer for Reconciliation and Healing of Racism



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Reflect: No room for racism

Setting the compass for Catholics for Peace and Justice

The Catholics for Peace and Justice Leadership Council has been discussing the direction our organization should take in 2020-2021. We want to be sure our decisions reflect the passions of our members. Please help us within the next 2 weeks (deadline July 18, 2020) by taking a short survey: Thank you for your participation!
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Pope Francis Quote
The Gospel is not merely about our personal relationship with God. Nor should our loving response to God be seen simply as an accumulation of small personal gestures to individuals in need, a kind of “charity a la carte” or a series of acts aimed solely at easing our conscience. The Gospel is about the kingdom of God (cf. Lk 4:43); it is about loving God who reigns in our world. To the extent that He reigns within us, the life of society will be a setting for universal fraternity, justice, peace and dignity. Both Christian preaching and life, then, are meant to have an impact on society. We are seeking God’s kingdom.

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel #180

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Contemplative Prayer for Reconciliation and Healing of Racism
Sign up here - - to receive a monthly prayer guide with the intention of reconciling and healing racism in our city. Monthly gatherings have been postponed due to Covid, but may resume in the fall.  Brought to you by:Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Three Holy Women, Our Lady of Divine Providence, Old St. Mary's, Saints Peter and Paul Human Concerns/Social Justice Commissions, Franciscan Peacemakers. For more information, please contact: Shelly Roder,
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Recurring Events: 

Siena Retreat Center
Siena Retreat Center intends to continue to be a place of calm, peace and wellness during this uncertain time. In the hopes of curtailing the virus, we are temporarily suspending most operations through Friday, July 31st.  Spiritual guidance appointments and a small number of offerings have been moved to virtual platforms. Please click here for full message.

In the meantime, enjoy the "micro-retreats" we have posted on our YouTube Channel! and the following are being offered virtually

COVID19 Experience Sharing
See flyer here.
  • Facilitated by Everett Rice
    • Wednesday, July 11, 10:00-11:30 a.m. OR
    • Tuesday, July 14, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
To check for updates, and for a complete description of programs and retreats, visit or call 262-898-2590.  Partial scholarships are available for all programs!
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Peace Action Wisconsin
  • End the Wars Coalition meetings3rd Wednesday of the month, 7 p.m. Peace Action Center, 1001 E Keefe Ave, Milwaukee 414-269-9525,
  • Stand for Peace: Every Saturday, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Learn more here. Updates on FacebookStand for Peace is resuming cautiously! Learn more hereIf you have any concerns or immunity issues, please stay at home. Your health is important, and your voice will be needed after this crisis passes.
    • July 11th 51st and Silver Spring


Dear God,

in our efforts to dismantle racism,
we understand that we struggle not merely against flesh and blood
but against powers and principalities
– those institutions and systems that keep racism alive
by perpetuating the lie that some members of the family are inferior
and others superior.

Create in us a new mind and heart
that will enable us to see brothers and sisters
in the faces of those divided by racial categories.

Give us the grace and strength
to rid ourselves of racial stereotypes that oppress some of us
while providing entitlements to others.

Help us to create a Church and nation
that embraces the hopes and fears of oppressed People of Color
where we live, as well as those around the world.

Heal your family God,
and make us one with you,
in union with our brother Jesus,
and empowered by your Holy Spirit.

Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team

Heaven has no room for racism--(Revelation 5:9-10; 7:9-12; 22:1-5) Woe to us if our vision of the good life here on earth will be completely undone by the reality of new heavens and new earth yet to come!  

Kevin DeYoung in 10 Reasons Racism is Offensive to God
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