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Planning documentation
The Highland Council North Planning Applications Committee has now intimated that the application for the Space Hub Sutherland project is scheduled to be considered at a special, virtual meeting on Friday 26 June 2020.

On 28 May, the Scottish Government issued a Direction to The Highland Council indicating that, should the council be minded to grant permission, this should be notified to Scottish Ministers. The direction does not commit Scottish Ministers to calling in the application, but it does reserve their right to intervene. Documentation relating to the planning application continues to be kept up to date on the Highland Council website. The most recent additions relate to visitor management and include contributions from HIE and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Other work ongoing
While COVID-19 restrictions have put some work on hold, programme activities continue to be developed in relation to various workstreams including preparing our Land Court application, and marine and air licences.


Community events
During COVID-19 restrictions, it continues to be difficult to hold community events.  Once the planning determination has been made and the easing of restrictions is confirmed we will consider how best to continue to engage with the local stakeholders.  

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