Life Science August 2017


Scottish firm wins innovation award at Aqua Nor

Ace Aquatech, which was short-listed along with two Norwegian innovators, was given the award for its in-line fish stunner, which knocks out fish just metres from the holding pen, allowing more humane slaughter and less potential damage to the product. The system is flexible and can also be used for crustaceans and even shellfish.

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Inverness And Oxford Are The Best Places To Start A Small Business In The UK

Inverness and Oxford are the best places to start a small business in the UK. reports, City A.M.'s deputy news editor. 

According to Nominet, the official registry for UK domain names, Cambridge, Durham and Portsmouth are among other cities that are hotspots for budding entrepreneurs.

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Danish Life Science Company Locates To Inverness Campus

Danish company, CorporateHealth International ApS is to embark on a £5.7 million project to establish a new diagnostics centre at the Campus through their subsidiary CorporateHealth International UK Ltd (CHI UK).
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CT Scans Aid Stock Improvement Scheme For Scotland's Sheep Stocks

A new mobile CT scanner, offers yet more clarity and inside knowledge for both livestock researchers and pedigree breeders. Following calibration tests with SRUC the unit is now touring Scottish sheep breeders.

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Mime Technologies Wins A £80K Share Of Scottish EDGE 10

Following an extensive, country-wide search to find Scotland’s next great start-up businesses, twenty promising entrepreneurs pitched their businesses plans to an expert panel of judges in order to win a slice of a £1.3 million prize pot.

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European Marine Science Park - Ripples across the region

Could Dornoch Firth oysters be the aphrodisiac for a revived fishery?

The Dornoch Firth Environmental Enhancement Project (DEEP) is a triple-helix partnership between Glenmorangie, Heriot-Watt University and the Marine Conservation Society and reflects the interests of the three institutions in the fields of marine environmental enhancement, mitigation and societal benefits.

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Passing Rockall and sending two OSNAP gliders off to work

The Overturning in the N. Atlantic Subpolar Gyre Programme, (UK-OSNAP) is delivering enhanced understanding of processes critical to the improvement of physics in climate models through sustained observation of ocean circulation and fluxes together with modelling and analysis.

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Genetic discovery is breakthrough in disease resistant seaweed search

Research conducted into the genetic make-up of a resilient red alga has taken scientists a step closer to breeding disease resistant seaweed.

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Global Biotech company buys into Uist seaweed company to expand their European presence

Set up in 2012, Uist Asco uses equipment powered by renewable energy to dry knotedwrack seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, mainly for agricultural industries.

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14 August  2017

Prof Verspoor's concern over spawning pink salmon in Scotland confirmed

Invader pink salmon seen spawning in UK waters for first time. A Scottish fishery board says it has the first footage of Pacific pink salmon in a UK river. The food of Grizzlies may become available in Scotland!

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28 June 2017

Boaty returns home after first Antarctic mission

The RRS James Clark Ross arrived at the National Oceanagraphic Centre last week, returning Boaty MacBoatface (ALR) home after its first scientific deployment in the Antarctic.

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10 July 2017

Changes in Arctic Ocean monitored as part of £10m research programme

A new £10 million research programme to investigate how the Arctic Ocean is changing starts with its first research expedition to the Barents Sea.

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 09 June 2017

Scottish mussel hatchery project receives international boost

An innovative project to get Scottish mussels to spawn in a hatchery environment has received a visit from Tasmanian partners Spring Bay Seafoods – operators of one of the world's few commercial-scale mussel hatcheries.

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29 June 2017

Dynamic partnership wins Prestigious Saltire Society Award for Innovation In Housing

A ground-breaking project that could transform the lives of people with complex health needs by combining modular home design and ‘Internet of Things’ technology has won the prestigious Saltire Society Award for Innovation in Housing.

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10 July 2017

£2.8m investment will boost export ambitions for BASF on Lewis

A new £10 million research programme to investigate how the Arctic Ocean is changing starts with its first research expedition to the Barents Sea.

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