NEWSLETTER 21 December 2015
Spa tourism in Greece: Challenges and new opportunities for investors and key players  
  21 December  2015  

Considering the growing scientific need to link an individual’s physical health and mental with both its men-tal and social wellbeing, for the purpose of not only suppressing but also preventing morbidity, Therapeutic Spa Medicine returns to the fore as being the most timely and efficient form of holistic theory. Using inter-nationally recognized methods that focus on the national thermal wealth development and its benefits, Therapeutic Spa Medicine functions, additionally to classical medicine, as a therapeutic supplement for pa-tients aiming not only to cure their diseases, but also to improve the quality of their lives by adopting a model of healthy living and treatment. Read more  

Legal paradoxes of contemporary privatizations in relation to labour and social security law  
  21 December 2015  
  The privatization planning for the period 2015-2016, based on the last memorandum and activation of TAIPED is a fact. The question, which arises in fact in all workplaces according to recent developments, is the influence and the impact of privatization on the retention of employees' rights, not only within the scope of labor law, but also at the particularly sensitive field of the social insurance. Read more  
Real estate services  
  21 December 2015  
Within the framework of providing comprehensive services covering  the field of real estate, KREMALIS Law firm advises on all aspects regarding registration before the competent Land Registry Bureau , and Cadastre, of every right in rem/burden of your property. Moreover, we closely monitor the cadastrial process in relation to your application and cadastral file in all Cadastral Offices in Greece and at every stage of it until the final registration at the Land Registry tables is completed. Read more
1983: Landmark year for insured in the Publicprint |
  21 December 2015  

Divided into two groups are the “previously insured” at Public, meaning those who had been insured before 1983. Some of them “are getting away” with the new retirement age limits and so they can apply for retirement whenever they want, but some others will need to stay in service for 3.5 more years.
But how Law 4336/2015 effects that special category of prospective retirees of the Public?  Read more

Collective redundancies in Greece and across Europe  
  21 December 2015  

After the recent developments in Greece, the issue of collective redundancies and the criticism that Law 1387/83 faces, which regulates collective redundancies and has incorporated into Greek legislation Directive 98/59/EC, has resurfaced.  According to the European Directive as collective redundancies are considered dismissals made by an employer for one or more reasons that are not related with the employees as long as the number of redundancies within a period of 30 days is at least 10, for companies employing more than 20-100 employees or at least 10% of the employees in establishments employing 100-300 workers and at least 30 in establishments employing at least 300 workers. Alternatively, collective redundancies are considered at least 20 dismissals in a period of 90 days, regardless of the number of employees normally employed in the business.  Read more

Residence permits for real estate owners in Greece  
  21 December 2015  
  A residence permit for real estate owners (“Investor Permanent Residence Permit”) is a new type of residence permit for third country citizens (outside of the European Union) who have entered the country legally on any kind of visa (type D or C). This procedure has been established by law 4146/2013, which introduced a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own real estate property in Greece. The preconditions and the process for this type of residence permit are already incorporated in immigration code (article 20 of law 4251/2014, as it is applying after the amendments of law 4332/2015). This kind of residence permit is valid for five years and can be renewed for the same duration and for as many times as the applicant requests. Read more  

Wishing you and all those close to you... 

a joyous holiday season, 
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and hope for a world at peace!
  02 December 2015  

The new study of Social Security Law drafted by Prof. em. Dr. Konstantinos D. Kremalis

International Encyclopedia of Laws-Hellas, Social Security Law, Kluwer Law International, 2015, by Konstantinos Kremalis. This English edition constitutes a comprehensive study on the national Social Security Law, especially after the publication of the most recent memorandum laws. Read more
Retirement of multiple speeds with Law. 4336/2015

The Law, which introduced new pension provisions and validated the Economic Aid Contract Plan of European Stability Mechanism, is indeed a definitive fact. Definitive facts are also the explanatory circulars of the new Law.  But mostly, the new retirement provisions are definitive and irrevocable, which provisions are subversive in comparison with the content of pension laws of the past. (Laws 3863/2010, 3865/2010, 4093/2012).Read more
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