NEWSLETTER 10 July 2015
Recent developments in Greece and their impact on employment.  
  10 July 2015  
  By judgment of 5th of May 2011, the ECJ held out that advertisements for medicinal products directed at persons qualified to prescribe or supply them may include information which are not included in the summary of product characteristics, provided that supplementary information is compatible with that summary's information and confirm or clarify the specifications contained on that summary. Read more  
Landmark Judgment of the European Court of Justice: Disputes by German holders of Greek Government Bonds should be treated as ‘civil or commercial matters’  
  10 July 2015  
  With its judgment of 11 June 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has paved the way for holders of Greek Bonds to make claims for damages in the courtswhere they suffered a “haircut” as a result of Greece’s debt restructuring deal of 2012 (also known as Private Sector Involvement, or ‘PSI’). In cases C-226/13, C-245/13, C-247/13 and C-578/13, the Court has ruled that these cases can be dealt with as civil matters. Read more  
What is happening to the OAEE and what should be done to rescue it?  
  10 July 2015  
The fact that one of the biggest social insurance organisations in our country, the Social Organisation of Freelance Professionals (OAEE), is hanging by a thread is now widely accepted. Since 1 January 2007, when OAEE began operating, after amalgamating with TEBE, TAE and ΤΣΑ, the first serious doubts arose. These concerned whether the national body for freelance professionals, tradesmen and motorists could stand on its own two feet during the financial downturn and recession. Read more
Conclusions of the European Committee on Social Rights about employment conditions in Greece  
  10 July 2015  
  In January 2015, the European Committee on Social Rights issued its annual Conclusions about the conformity of Greek Laws and reforms to Articles 2 (i.e. the right to fair conditions of work) and 4 (i.e. the right to fair pay) of the European Social Charter of 1961; along with Articles 2 (i.e. the right to intervention and consultation) and 3 (i.e. the right to take part in setting and improving of working conditions and the working environment) of the 1988 Additional Protocol. The Conclusions were issued within the framework of a more general appeal submitted by the Greek National Confederation of Labour regarding the conformity of the reforms made to employment law since 2010. Read more  
Separate retirement or successive insurance? A dilemma with both risks and benefits for pensioners
  10 July 2015  

Successive insurance’ can occur where an individual who used to be insured by a single insurance fund switches to a different provider because of a change of activity or employment. The law does not allow for ‘parallel insurance’ – i.e. where someone is simultaneously insured with more than one provider – to be taken into account when calculating pension.By contrast, the law does allow for calculation under successive insurance schemes. Read more

Mobbing: a new form of discrimination and social exclusion at the workplace.  
  10 July 2015  
  In recent years, amidst an unprecedented financial and humanitarian crisis, we have become observers and/or victims of some extreme deviant behaviour leading to social marginalisation. This often involves verbal and non-verbal violence exercised against those who tend to differ from the dominant group, for various reasons, including their political affiliations, their gender, nationality, sexual orientation or even disability. For those reasons they are considered by the perpetrators to be weak or disadvantaged members of society. Read more  
Changes to the couples’ civil partnership agreement - a new draft law extending civil partnership agreements to same-sex couples, whilst protecting individual human rights and the need to fight against discrimination.
  10 July 2015  
  The Ministry of Justice has published a bill that clarifies the landscape of relationships that develop between couples who have already signed a civil partnership agreement, whilst  providing the opportunity for couples of the same sex to enter into such an agreement. The new bill comes seven years after the enactment of Law 3719/2008, which set out the legislative framework for these agreements. It is intended to align Greek law with EU requirements and to fight the discrimination between same-sex and heterosexual couples inherent in the current law – which made no provision for same-sex couples. Greece has been criticised by the European Court of Human Rights both for breach of the right to private and family life and for violation of the provisions prohibiting discrimination.  Read more  

Fourth Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum and new prospects for development and investment in Greece

The Fourth Annual Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum, which took place on 3 and 4 June 2015 at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Hotel in Athens on the 35th Anniversary of the establishment of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development, was a great success. The forum was divided into four thematic sessions, the first two focusing on opportunities for investment in Greece and the Arab world, and the remainder centering on renewable energy, infrastructure and construction. In addition to scheduled speeches, the activities of the Forum were supplemented with various Β2Β meetings. 
Read more
Inclusion of KREMALIS in list of experts recognized by the European Commission on free movement and social security coordination

FreSsco (the free movement of workers and Social security coordination) is a network of independent experts in those fields in the European Union. It is funded by the European Commission and operated by the University of Ghent, in partnership with the consultancy company, Eftheia. It covers all 28 EU countries, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.Read more
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