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Tis the shopping season and a lot of us shop online these days to avoid the crowds. One thing to watch out for when shopping online is that when you enter your credit card information, make sure that the url has an httpat the beginning and not just a plain http.The 's' means that you are on a secure site.
Talking about security brings me to my main topic this month, and that is email scams. The article is below, please click through to read some examples of the latest email scams and what you should watch out for. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Watch Out For

The Latest Email Scams
Every day I get at least 1 person trying to either rob me, steal my identity, or put a virus on my computer. Most of these scammers are idiots just trying to make an easy buck. But they shouldn't be taken lightly. Some make a nice living at our expense.

Click the link below to read some of the latest email scams and what you can do to protect yourself. I'll try and update this regularly, so feel free to check back often.

SEM Tip #6

YouTube Channels
A YouTube Channel is basically someone's YouTube home page. This channel contains all of the account owners YouTube videos and anyone elses videos they find relevant and want to display. The background and color schemes can be customized to keep branding consistent. The channel can also contain activity streams, comments, subscribers, and other social networking features (a like button for example).
If a channel has more than two videos it is automatically indexed in Google's search results which makes this yet another great way to market your site or services.
From a user's standpoint, if you subscribe to a channel, whenever the channel owner ads something to his or her channel, you automatically see it on your own YouTube channel's home page. For example, I love the 'simonscat' series as it reminds me of my own kitten, and by subscribing I have access to all the current and new videos as he adds them.
Here's a sample of Caribbeans Travel and Life Magazine's YouTube Channel: They do a great job branding their magazine and extending that look into their YouTube channel.
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