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I read something interesing on Quora the other day ( The question was "How long would it take to build Facebook as of July 2011?" Two early facebook employees answered this question.
They accounted for new technology and faster more efficient ways, and eliminated time spent on product that never made it to facebook. They estimated that it would take 250 employees one to two years to get it to where Facebook is today.

That's a lot of man power. Currently there are 700 developers working on facebook.Technology has come a long way in a short time, but not without a crazy amount of behind the scenes effort.

Think about that the next time you post something to your wall.

The Latest Craze


I've recently noticed the hash tag (#) suddenly appearing on all my favorite television shows (#fringe). The hash tag was started by Chris Messina in 2007, and even though used elsewhere, most people know it as a twitter feature. If you're unfamiliar with the hash tag, it's a clever way to tag your twitter posts to enable them to be easily searchable. For example, if I'm watching the last episode of 'Lost' and  I end up more lost than when I started, I can go to Twitter and search for #lost and all the tweets about the television show will show up in my search. And the best part is, I won't get any search results about people who 'lost' their wallet.
If I'm tweeting about a specific topic that I want others to be able to find, I would put the hash tag (#) in the tweet itself as a prefix to the word. For example, I did not like the finale to #lost. And yes, I'm still bitter about that.

SEM Tip #5

Ending Some Confusion About Social Media
Everyone comes to us and says 'I need a facebook link and a twitter link on my website', but they have no idea why. Don't worry, if you can relate to this, you're not alone.
I was going to write an article about this subject, but the following article (link below) showed up in my in box from a newsletter I subscribe to. It couldn't have come at a better time, or explain the social media craze any better.
I say social media 'CRAZE' because there is such a misconception about how to use facebook and twitter. I hope you find the article interesting and enlightening. And after reading it I want to stress this, and hope that you take away from it, this one important point.
In a nutshell, Facebook and Twitter is a way to tell your fans and followers that you have something they'd be interested in on your website. You should be sending people from Twitter and Facebook TO your site, not sending people away from your site.

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