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January 24, 2013 Newsletter

Hi <<First Name>>,

Happy New Year! January is a great time to rethink your marketing strategies and look over your website. Here are some things to consider for the new year.

  • Is your website and marketing materials up to date? Have you added services or products that you forgot to list on your site?
  • Is your website getting the traffic that it should?
  • Do you have a mobile site?

While researching recent mobile statistics we came across many interesting and surprising facts. The following is what we discovered:

Astounding Mobile Facts:

103% of Americans own and operate a cell phone. This means there are more cell phones or cell phone capable devices than there are people in the US. 45% of the 103% cell phone operators own Smartphones (Phones capable of internet use, supportting apps, and running an operating system). 81% of Smartphone users surf the internet with their mobile devices (according to a study by Google in 2012).

Here's a breakdown of Smartphone usage by age group:

  • 13% ages 6-10
  • 56% ages 8-11
  • 84% ages 11-13
  • 86% ages 14-18
  • 66% ages 18-29
  • 59% ages 30-49
  • 34% ages 50-64
  • 11% over 65

A study concluded that 88% of people who do a search on their mobile phone take action within 24 hours. This new and expanding group of Smartphone users are the next generation of consumers. A mobile site could be the key to winning a new client and gaining an edge over your competition. As business owner’s, it is vital to reach out to this clientele and make their experience enjoyable.

Facts taken from studies done July & September 2012:,,, and

Browser Hijacking

Browser hijacking (sometimes called hijackware) is defined as a type of malware program that alters your computer's browser settings so that you are coerced into visiting Websites that the website owner had no intentions for you to visit. We receive numerous phone calls on this matter and thought it would be a good idea to address the subject in our newsletter.

If you are seeing text links on your website that should not be there, you have most likely experienced a browser hijacking. There is no need to worry as these text links are more annoying then harmful. There are several forms, but most frequently seen is 'Text Enhance', and more recently I've seen 'Coupon Companion'.

Text-Enhance is adware categorized as a 'Browser Hijacker' that attaches to your web browser as an extension, add-on, or cookie without your knowledge or consent. You can get infected by downloading a program or visiting a website. The links that appear on the website are spam advertisements that allow the spammers to generate income.

Note: These links are NOT on your actual website, they are on your computer's browser only.

There is however potential that the hijacker has put malicious scripts onto your computer. Generally you can easily disable them by navigating to 'tools' followed by selecting 'extensions' or 'add-ons' in your browser settings. If these steps do not remove the scripts, the following are links containing articles that may be helpful.

SEM Tip #10

Bad Online Shopping Experiences Portrayed In Real Life

The mad rush of the holiday season is over. If you are like me you may have experienced online shopping experiences that were good and some not so good. I’ve discovered a few hilarious videos of an online shopping experience portrayed as 'real life'. Click on the link provided if you want to have a good laugh and identify what 'not to do' with your Ecommerce site. Although some steps cannot be avoided, keep in mind that too many extra steps can push your customers away. Click Here for videos of a 'Real Life Search', 'Real Life Product Landing Pae', and a 'Real Life Checkout'.

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