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Implementing Raft using a functional effect system

What could be a better case study for concurrent programming than implementing the Raft consensus algorithm? Hopefully, you didn't come up with too many answers to that question as that's what we are going to explore!
Adam Warski (@adamwarski)
Reactive Event Sourcing benchmarks, part 1: PostgreSQL

It's time to validate the performance of an Event Sourcing application in several different business scenarios and hardware configurations.
Andrzej Ludwikowski (@aludwikowski)


Functional Scala 2022 CFP

Apply before October 15th.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
ScalaCon 2022 CFP, October 4th-5th, virtual event

ScalaCon is looking for talks covering different areas of Scala. Talk slots are around 40-45 minutes in length with 5 minutes of Q&A time. CFP closes at May 12, 2022 16:50 UTC!
ScalaCon (@scalacon)
ZIO Hackathon, October 27th-28th, New York, USA & Online

We will share and learn about ZIO and related projects; chat about functional programming, functional Scala, and much more; work on fun projects; and get to know one another. No prior background knowledge of ZIO is assumed.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
Functional Scala 2022, December 1st-2nd, London

Use our link and get a 10% discount for Scala Times readers!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)



Ducktape is a library for boilerplate-less and configurable transformations between case classes/enums (sealed traits) for Scala 3. Directly inspired by chimney.
Aleksander Rainko
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