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I ❤️ Scala's Community

Why Scala people are awesome.
Alexandru Nedelcu (@alexelcu)
Immutable Collections should be Your Default

Mutable collection types should only be used strategically, with purpose, otherwise for correctness/safety purposes, the default should be immutable collection types, aka persistent data structures.
Alexandru Nedelcu (@alexelcu)
Data Transformations in Scala with Gallia: Version 0.4.0 Is Out

This is a follow-up article to my previous introduction to Gallia, a schema-aware data transformation library in Scala.
Anthony Cros (@anthony_cros)
Quine 1.4.0: Scale, Stability, Supernode Mitigation

Quine is a streaming graph interpreter; a server-side program that consumes data, builds it into a stateful graph structure, and runs live computation on that graph to answer questions or compute results. Those results stream out in real-time.
Michael Aglietti (@michaelaglietti)


Functional Scala 2022, December 1st-2nd, London

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Ziverge (@zivergetech)


Endless4s v0.18.0

Endless is a Scala library to describe sharded and event sourced entities using tagless-final algebras, running with built-in implementations for Akka.
Endless4s contributors
ENSIME v3.0.12

The ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for text Editors is an LSP tooling project that started in 2010 and brought together hundreds of Free Software contributors from diverse backgrounds. At its peak, 10% of Scala developers were using ENSIME to write Scala.
ENSIME contributors
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