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The future of effects in Scala?

Recently Jack Viers and Raul Raja from 47 Degrees posted a pre-SIP proposal to add Kotlin-like suspend functions to Scala. The proposal itself is an interesting read, but it is also followed by a long and insightful discussion.
Adam Warski (@adamwarski)


ZIO 2 dot Ohhhhh!

Our co-author on Effect Oriented Programming, Bill Frasure, joins us to chat about his programming journey and his involvement in last week's ZIO 2.0 release.
Happy Path Programming (@HappyPathProg)


Functional Programming Crash Course for Scala Beginners

Everything you need to know about FP in Scala in one video: immutability, lambdas, monads, tagless-final (TF), effect types and effect type libraries like monix, cats-effect and ZIO.
DevInsideYou (@DevInsideYou)


Functional Scala 2022 CFP

Apply before October 15th.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
ScalaCon 2022 CFP, October 4th-5th, virtual event

ScalaCon is looking for talks covering different areas of Scala. Talk slots are around 40-45 minutes in length with 5 minutes of Q&A time. CFP closes at May 12, 2022 16:50 UTC!
ScalaCon (@scalacon)
Functional Scala 2022, December 1st-2nd, London

Use our link and get a 10% discount for Scala Times readers!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)



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