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Free Monads in Web Stack — Part I

First part of the series focuses on building the core logic using free monads.
Marcin Rzeźnicki
What's new in Clippy?

Enahnce your compiler errors.Clippy 0.4.1 brings highlighted diff in type mismatch errors and support for per-project advices.
Krzysztof Ciesielski (@kpciesielski)
Making the move from Scala to Go, and why we're not going back

A case study of some Scala disadvantages that made the team switch to a different technology.
Mariano Gappa (@MarianoGappa)
Parsing Simple Grammars In Scala With parboiled2

A simple example demonstrating why parboiled2 is a great way to handle little expression languages that need to be exposed either internally or externally.
Ryan Plessner (@ryan_plessner)
Borders, Approximations and Geo-Hashes

We will work in Scala on a dataset of country borders(multi-polygons) and see how to approximate country surfaces with geo-hashes.
Adrian Bona (@adrianulbona)


Scalar Call for Papers (ends Jan 31st!)

Apply if you'd like to speak on the 7th or 8th of April 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.
SoftwareMill (@scalarconf)
Scala Italy 2017 Call for Paper

Apply if you'd like to speak on May 13th, 2017.
Scala Italy (@ScalaItaly)
ScalaSphere 2017 with 50% discount for Scala Times readers!

March 2-3 2017, Kraków, Poland, use promo code "scalatimes".
ScalaSwarm CFP

Apply if you'd like to speak in Portugal, Porto, June 20-23th 2017.


Akka Http 10.0.2 and Security Patch Released!

This is to announce the immediate availability of a security patch release, addressing a potential denial of service attack targeting Akka HTTP.
Akka Team
Lagom 1.3.0-RC1

This release candidate includes the new Lagom Scala API, fully documented and with feature parity with the Java API.
Lagom contributors


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