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ostinato: a chess engine written in Scala that runs in the Browser, Docker and the REPL

Developing ostinato was an amazing experience. I got to learn a lot about chess, a lot about Scala, a lot about OSS and a lot about software engineering.
Mariano Gappa (@MarianoGappa)
Adopting Scala: The Next Steps

Learn about journey into functional programming with incremental progress from “Java-like” Scala to FP.
Sofia Cole (@sofiacole35)
Upgrading From Play Framework 2.3 to Play 2.5

Can it be fun to do such an upgrade? You bet!
Gregg Hernandez
Capturing Packets with Scala Native and libpcap

scala-native opens up a plethora of integration opportunities: you are no longer restricted to using JVM-only libraries or waiting for those wrappers, no longer restricted to using C++/C for lower level or high performance programming.
William Narmontas (@ScalaWilliam)
What are Scala Type Classes?

In this post I will describe 5 simple steps for encoding a type class in Scala in an idiomatic way.
Leif Battermann (@leifbattermann)
Type Families in Scala

An exercise of how to leverage the Aux pattern and other techniques to make a typed printing function inspired by the not type-safe C function sprintf.
Ruben Pieters
A Quick Guide to Concurrency in Scala

Unlike Java, Scala is not limited by default to Threads for concurrency (although they are still an option), but there are a range of useful ways to do things in the background.
Matthew Rathbone (@rathboma)


ScalaSwarm CFP

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Scala Up North 2017 CFP

Submit your talk before March 24th if you'd like to speak on July 21-22 in Vancouver, Canada.
Scala Up North
10% discount for Scala Essentials Workshop April 7th, 2017, Dallas (TX)

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Bottle Rocket
20% discount for LX Scala, May 12th 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

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LX Scala



Frameless is a proof-of-concept library for working with Spark using more expressive types.
frameless contributors
nspl (new scala plotting library)

Creates scatter, line, contour, raster, barplots and boxplots, histograms, density plots. Composite figure of multiple plots.
Istvan Bartha

Helpful SBT plugin for cross-publishing libraries with Scalaz.
Ross Baker and Tim Perrett
better-files 3.0.0

A major update with many utils, updated metadata API, removed dependency and more.
better-files contributors

An open source application for pomodoro technique, based on Scala, JavaFX and Gremlin.
Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz


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