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Scala Toolkit makes Scala powerful straight out of the box

We’ve reached the first milestone for implementing the Scala Toolkit. We’ve talked with maintainers and interested parties and decided on the following libraries: MUnit for testing, Sttp for HTTP client, UPickle/UJson for reading, writing and operating on JSONs, OS-Lib for operating on files and the operating system.
Szymon Rodziewicz (@SzymonRod)
sudori part 3

I’m hacking on a small project called sudori, an experimental sbt. The initial goal is to port the macro to Scala 3. It’s an exercise to take the macro apart and see if we can build it from the ground up.
Eugene Yokota (@eed3si9n)
Scala 3 migration: 7 benefits that outweigh the risks

Some important points that should help you with the decision.
Paweł Marks (@Kordyjan)
Google Summer of Code 2022: How It Was

This year, we welcomed four students guided by five mentors. They contributed to projects such as Scala Native, Creative Scala, Scalafix, and Metals. In this article, you can find a short summary of what was done as well as the links to find out more.
Anatolii Kmetiuk (@AKmetyuk)
Things that are things, but not other things

Functor, Apply, Applicative, FlatMap, and Monad discussed.
Nicolas Rinaudo (@NicolasRinaudo)
Function reuse is just wishful thinking

The purpose of this article is to introduce and justify them in a real life scenario, staying away from their more academic interpretations.
Nicolas Rinaudo (@NicolasRinaudo)
Custom JIT compilation with Runtime Multi-Stage Programming

For a while now I’ve been fiddling with a library called Slinc, a way to link C code in Scala. Originally, I was using Scala 3 macros to produce native bindings and helper code, but I recently discovered that Runtime Multi-Stage Programming produces much more performant code.
Mark Hammons (@MarkHammons)


Functional Scala 2022, December 1st-2nd, London

Use our link and get a 10% discount for Scala Times readers!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)


sbt 1.8.0

Updates coursier, Ivy and scala-xml.
sbt contributors
Cats 2.9.0

New combinators, fixes, and improvements.
Cats contributors
Cats-effect 3.4.1

As this has been a longer than usual development stretch (between 3.3.0 and 3.4.0), this release contains a large number of significant changes and improvements. Additionally, several improvements that we're very excited about didn't quite make the cutoff and have been pushed to 3.5.0.
Cats-effect contributors
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