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Teach Programming with Scala

We are happy to announce that we have published a new page on the website to explain the benefits of using Scala to teach programming, and to show a map of the universities who use Scala around the world (also shown below).
Scala Center

Associating items by Type Class
Mark Hammons (@MarkHammons)


CQRS with Scala, Akka, and Cassandra

In this video, we'll implement a bigger Scala application using Akka Actors (Typed), Akka Persistence, Akka HTTP, some Cats, and Cassandra as a persistent store. We're going to make a mini-bank, which will expose a few REST endpoints, with data validation based on the Cats library to make it a bit more robust.
Rock The JVM (@rockthejvm)


Lambda Days, July 28th-29th, Kraków, Poland

A vibrant event focused on FP and its growing community. Find out what is possible with functional programming - explore the latest in battle-tested Scala, Erlang and Haskell, experience the energy F# and Elixir bring to the table, connect with the innovators working with Elm, Luna and Ocaml, see what comes up next!
LambdaDays (@LambdaDays)
Functional Scala 2022 CFP

Apply before October 15th.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
ScalaCon 2022 CFP, October 4th-5th, virtual event

ScalaCon is looking for talks covering different areas of Scala. Talk slots are around 40-45 minutes in length with 5 minutes of Q&A time. CFP closes at May 12, 2022 16:50 UTC!
ScalaCon (@scalacon)
Functional Scala 2022, December 1st-2nd, London

Use our link and get a 10% discount for Scala Times readers!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)


IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2022.2

With better Scala 3 support, compiler-based highlighting, new inspections, safe delete for type parameters, and more!
JetBrains (@jetbrains)
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