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Happy February! This month I've been exploring with Captain Fawcett and Sartor Resartus, got lost in the romance of "In the Mood for Love", and am excited to have been featured in a couple of magazine articles. Plus I have a superb offer from the kind folk at Spoke - especially for you. Enjoy!
I'd like to introduce you to Spoke - a menswear brand conceived & adapted for the internet.This is a simple but superb service offering chinos in a variety of fits - not just waist & leg length but "build" too.They go up in 1" increments in the waist size & leg length & if you measure your waist/leg/thighs & plug it into their calculator, it'll tell you which size & "build" to order. And if that's not already a good enough service, they have free shipping & returns, they're made in Hoxton & the best bit - they've kindly offered a £10 discount to my newsletter subscribers! It's valid until the end of February, just use the code SARTSPOKE10 at checkout. So if you're a guy with chunky thighs or knobbly knees & are finding it difficult to get a great fit on your trousers, I think Spoke might just be your new best friend!
I came across Captain Fawcett's grooming products at an event, where Richie (the founder) told me how the Moustache Wax is based on an original recipe perfected in the early 1900’s by Captain Peabody Fawcett (full story here) Obtainable now for the first time in well over a century, he says "it provides excellent hold, allowing your moustache to be dressed & worn in any number of dashing styles". The wax is handmade by Richie at his country home in Norfolk & as well as being used by the "The Musketeers" in the BBC's new series, it was also introduced to the Downton crew by his award winning make-up artist wife, not just to control the gentlemen's facial hair but also to tame Carson the Butler’s errant eyebrows!! Take a look at the Captain's Gift Sets for an excellent Valentine's gift idea.
When I received an introductory email from Sartor Resartus, I hopped over to their website to take a look. I found a selection of beautfiul, hand rolled silk pocket squares & bow ties, shown on an extremely stylish website. The name Sartor Resartus means "the tailor re-tailored" & pays homage to the rich European heritage of fine tailoring & craftsmanship. Launched last November, by Lucas Krupp & Victoria Perweiler, they told me that the collection references great adventures & journeys, past & present, offering attire for aesthetic expeditions......sounds exciting! So if you fancy going on a sartorial adventure & exploring some options to ramp up the style in your wardrobe then go on over to Sartor Resartus to start your discovery.
It's Chinese New Year, and Valentine's Day is coming, so I thought it fitting to take my inspiration this month from Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai's film "In the Mood for Love". I recently rewatched this superb and beautifully shot film, which is set in 1962, and is the story of a man and a woman who move in to neighbouring Hong Kong apartments and form a bond when they both suspect their spouses of extramarital activities.
I love how Tony Leung looks in it (accessorised beautifully by the perfection of Maggie Cheung), so I've styled up some outfits for my blog using sharp tailoring with graphic print accessories that are inspired by the film's stunning imagery.
Plan Your Perfect Wedding Magazine recently featured my "Top 10 Suit Tips for Grooms" in their online edition.The tips are about finding the perfect suit for your body shape, advice you could use even if you're not getting married, but are looking for a new suit. And if you are getting married, or know anyone that is, then please do check out my my "Personal Styling package for Grooms".
I was also delighted to be featured yesterday in The Guardian by Grey Fox blogger, David Evans. Read what he has to say about his Personal Styling experience with me and if you think it's something you could benefit from too, then please do get in touch.
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