Welcome to my newsletter. Each month I will be introducing you to the things and people that I've seen and liked and hopefully you will too! Happy reading:
Welcome to this month's newsletter. I hope you've had a lovely Easter and remembered to put your clocks forward for the official start of summer. Yep, Mr Weather, you could've fooled me with your freezing temperatures, but nevertheless, many of my clients have been optimistically purchasing their new Spring/Summer wardrobes. So here I'd like to share with you the pick of this month's new discoveries.
Monsieur London
I met these lovely chaps from Monsieur London recently and love the understated, high quality accessories they sell on their website. If you want to get up close and personal with their products, they are having a pop up shop in Dalston from 15th to 21st April. Do pay them a visit and maybe you can get them to tell you all about the pros and cons of bechamel sauce whilst browsing the products! Also, don't forget to read their superb and amusing blog for regular updates on their stylish world.
Sartoria Lab blog
Forget those dismal weather reports, take the sunshine with you by adding a touch of yellow to your wardrobe. Maybe I'm feeling inspired having just had my bathroom redecorated in Easter Morn (rather fitting, non?) but whenever I wear yellow it lifts my spirits and I feel like I don't give a damn what the weather's doing, in my life it's sunny! Here I show you how you can easily add a dash of spring to your wardrobe even if the sun hasn't got it's hat on and isn't coming out to play.
Richmond Socks
Meet Simon - "Head of Socks" from Richmond Socks, who delights in bringing you the best of the sock world. Simon is passionate about the socks he sells and works with Pantherella, Wolsey, Corgi, Zimmerli, Mazarin & Bresciani to bring a little bit of artistry to your ankles. He is very kindly giving Sartoria Lab subscribers a 20% discount on all socks (even sale ones!) until 30th April. Just enter the code "sartorialabsocks" after your payment details and say goodbye to slouchy, and hello to style!
The Man of Fashion book
"The Man of Fashion - Peacock Males and Perfect Gentlemen" by Colin McDowell, the fashion historian, is a fascinating read about men through the ages, who have dressed exuberantly in order to display their power, wealth or masculinity. Divided into chapters such as Dressed for Power, Heroic Stances and Health & Strength, the book discusses the influence of the church, royalty and medieval knights in the past to the more recent roles that sport, music and films have played. I enjoyed reading this book, learning how men's fashions developed, what was driving it and what some of the historical fashion figures and icons have been trying to say with the way they dressed. Fashion just for females? This book certainly proves otherwise.
Shoeshine UK


I felt compelled to introduce you to Steven Skippen aka The Shoe Whisperer from Shoeshine UK having seen the amazing results of his work. This man is a true genius and using his bare hands he can not only shine the leather but also moisturise, colour change, patina and much more. I was absolutely astounded by the difference I saw in the shoes he'd given his treatment! I notice many men negating their appearance by the lack of care and attention they give their shoes, so if that's you, I urge you to take yourselves along to the lobby of The London Hilton on Park Lane and let Steven spruce up your shoes for Spring! Shoeshine UK's website will be going live in the 2nd week of April or you can contact Steven on Twitter @shoeshineuk.
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