TONIGHT Levy Oversight Committee Meeting - Miller Community Center @6pm
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TONIGHT - Levy Oversight Committee Public Hearing
Miller Playfield & Community Center - 310 19th Ave E Seattle, WA - 6pm

Tonight is the night to convince the Levy Oversight Committee that Cheasty Greenspace Trails & Bike Park is the best idea for the Opportunity Fund!  This meeting is the last time that the LOC is taking public comment and you need to be there.  Arrive at 6pm and sign up for your 2 minute time slot to speak.  I've included speaking topics below.  If you have your own personal story or topic in support of this park, please go for it.  We just need you there.

  • Location - Nature access in Rainier Valley.  It's a social justice issue.  Cheasty Greenspace is adjacent to Rainier Vista one of the densest urban villages.
  • Safe Access - Everyone deserves safe access to local natural areas.
  • Close to Sound Transit Link LIght Rail - This park could be accessed from 3 stations: Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, and Columbia City
  • Proximity to Jefferson Park - This proposal would expand JP to include a large natural area with hiking and biking.
  • Volunteer Support - 20,650 volunteer hours committed, equates to $415,000, over half of the total project cost.
  • Restoration - Forest is dying because of invasive plants.  Restoration allows for native plants and trees to grow and thrive.  Cheasty is a GSP (Green Seattle Partnership) high priority site, named one of the forests most overrun with invasives and in need of restoration.
  • Public Safety - Current conditions house homeless encampments, drug activity, and elicit sexual activity.  This anonymous and unpredictable behavior is adjacent to a thriving community with families.  Nov, 2012 police looked for a missing body.  A man shot and killed in Feb, 2013.  March, 2013 a women was mugged at gunpoint.  Studies show that neighborhoods with restored greenspaces with trails have a reduction in crime.
  • Health and Wellness - Rainier Valley has the highest statistics for chronic health issues in Seattle, and arguably the highest crime rates.  Studies prove daily access to nature reduces hypertenstion, diabetes, depression, and anxiety.  It increases test scores, self esteem, and coping skills.
  • Reimagine - The local community has expressed a need for something innovative and creative for youth.  The concept of a forested mt. bike park in this parcel has been readily embraced and extensively supported.  Cheasty Greenspace would provide urban children and youth the opportunity to mt. bike, a privileged sport because it's only available in the suburbs.
  • Balance - this proposal balances the need for restoration with fun, accessible recreation.  It leverages an unmet user group of mt. bikers who have committed their time to restore the forest in return for trails. Without their support, the forest dies and remains inaccesible in it's current state.

If you can't attend, you can email your support statement to  It will carry the same weight as public comment.

Superintendent's Mt. Bike Task Force
In case you aren't on Facebook and didn't get an update this week on our meeting with Christopher Williams, Seattle Parks Superintendent, here's a brief overview.  Because of your voices, this proposal has brought daylight to the need for mountain biking in Seattle.  As a result, a task force has been assigned by the superintendent to research all aspects of mt. biking as it relates to Seattle Parks and officially propose mt. biking usage to the Board of Park Commissioners in June.  The hoped for outcome is city-wide policy change to include mt. biking and mt. biking trails as an allowable feature in designated Seattle Parks!  Furthermore, Christopher is excited about our proposal, the work we've done in Cheasty to date, and wants to work together  to make this a reality.  As a first step we are coordinating a site visit to Cheasty and to Duthie in the next couple of weeks.

All that to say, Seattle Parks is listening, and now is our time to continue building momentum.  Thank you everyone for all of your support to date. 

See you at the LOC meeting tonight!


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