Seven new sheets from Caracal Models!
Caracal Models has released seven new decal sheets this month! We will start shipping these decals on October 18, and all are available for pre-ordering now.
CD32017 - 1/32 RAF Typhoon FGR4 "Battle of Britain": This decal sheet is a 1/32 version of our previously released sheets for the stunning Battle of Britain commemorative Typhoon FGR4. Designed for the Revell and Trumpeter kits. Limited edition of only 250 sets.

CD48091 - 1/48 F-15A/C "Hawaiian Eagles": This sheet provides markings for F-15A/C Eagles of 199th FS of Hawaii Air National Guard.
CD48093 - 1/48 F-16C/D "Dark Vipers": Multiple marking options for Air National Guard F-16C/D Block 50/52 painted in the new, overall dark gray Have Glass V scheme.

CD48096 - 1/48 USAF C-21A (Learjet 35): Another subject that you will probably only see from Caracal : multiple marking options for USAF C-21s (Learjet 35). Designed for the Hasegawa Learjet 35 kit. Limited edition of 250 sets.

CD72035 - 1/72 C-54 Skymaster - Part 1: The first in our series for the new Revell C-54 kit, this sheet provides markings for a Blue Angels R5D, a WWII-era C-54 from the 320 TCS, and the C-54 that made the last flight of the Berlin Airlift.

CD72038 - 1/72 Beriev Be-12 "Chaika": No aircraft looks more "Soviet" than the Be-12 - this sheet provides multiple marking options for this versatile ASW amphibian, including two fire tanker prototypes. First 50 orders come with a bonus Su-30MK/MKK sheet!

CD72040 - 1/72 SP-5B Marlin: A brand new sheet for the last seaplane in US Navy service, the SP-5B Marlin. Both US Navy and French Navy options. We have been told this is quite possibly the first dedicated sheet for the Hasegawa SP-5B kit! Limited edition of 250 sets.

In addition to these new releases, we also received limited reprints of some of our previously sold-out sheets from our printer:

CD72022 - 1/72 EC-121 Warning Star - Part 2:

CD48076 - 1/48 C-45 Expeditor - Part 1:
All of these decal sheets can be pre-ordered now. We will start shipping them on October 18, 2015.

No "deal of the month" this month - sorry! There will be one next month.
 Our next set of releases will be available in mid November.

 As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions for new decal sheets!
Thank you for your support,
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