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Dear <<First Name>>,

How do other businesses struggle while others thrive? I’m sure hard work isn’t the issue! There must be a focus on identifying areas for improvement to scale a business. Unfocused hard work isn't the answer!

To make this easy for you, we’ve designed a Scaleup Scorecard.  It’s a FREE tool that will help you identify the key areas that will make the biggest impact on growing your business.

Here’s why it will help you:

  • Helps you decide whether your focus for the next 6 months is to create more money, get back time in your life, or get more freedom
  • Gives you laser focus on what areas of your business to address right now
  • Gives visibility every 6 months as to how you’ve improved
  • Serves as a guide for assessing future improvement strategies
  • Highlight areas where your virtual staff have made the most positive impact (I know you’re
    interested in virtual staff in the past. And hopefully, you’re still considering heading down that path.)

The Scorecard will analyse where you are in 6 categories, which are:
  • Happiness
  • Business Growth
  • Staff
  • Data Security
  • Turn-Key Business
  • Scalability

Feel free to take the Scaleup Scorecard now.

It’s a sure-fire way to get you moving enthusiastically—and steadily—towards your goals!

All the best,

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