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Content: Not Just For SEO

Here's a confession for you: I don't think SEO is all that. Given how little we know of Google algorithms (or when or how they change) and how we can't control what the competition does, I find that SEO is helpful only to a certain extent.

Now don't get me wrong--as you remember from last week, we still think that SEO has a role in digital marketing. Just, not as big as many website owners believe. 

All right, I'm a web content writer. I like to think that my job matters. But I find that sometimes, I'm the only one who understands the importance of said job. SEO often takes centre stage while content is relegated to the background. But you know what? I think that content deserves its moment in the sun. 

No content, no SEO

Here's the basis for my argument: without content, SEO wouldn't work. It wouldn't even exist.

To understand this, we need to go back to the core of what the internet is: a repository of information. You can have the biggest list of keywords in the world, but if there is no information attached to it, it will be useless. The purpose of SEO is only clear when there's content. (In fact, it would be difficult to build a list of keywords for something that isn't available.)

Okay, so you need content (a website, some text, maybe pictures) for SEO to exist. But here's the thing: SEO only gets you so far. It's designed to help bring eyeballs to your website from search engines... not to keep them there.

Quality content means more

Quality content means more... more what? Longer stays. Deeper visits. More leads. More sales. 

Once the visitors are on your website, SEO has done its job. But even the best SEO doesn't guarantee anything else. Good content, however, is the key to taking your website to the next level.

Have you even done a Google search and clicked on the first or second link, only to find an irrelevant website or a junky content mill article? Yeah, me too. Isn't that frustrating? Wouldn't that make you lose your trust in the websites in question? That's the problem with focusing on SEO and forgetting about content. If visitors find you, and yet find you uninteresting, irrelevant or spammy, you won't get a return visit from them anytime soon.

Quality, relevant content: that's where the buck stops. 

What content can do for you that SEO can't

Content can inform your visitors about your products and services.
Content can delight visitors with stories and anecdotes.
Content can develop trust between you and your visitors.
Content can demonstrate your subject matter expertise.
Content can convince visitors to contact you.
Content can grow social media audiences.
Content can convert visitors to leads, and leads to sales.
Content can make your business grow and thrive online.

SEO? Can't do any of that.

If you have questions about content, writing, or how a proper content strategy can help your website thrive, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions!

Until next time,

          Content strategist

Speaking of content...

I recently took some inspiration from the beautiful springtime we're having to give you tips on how to make your blog bloom. These questions will help you define your audience, refine your voice and determine your message.

The importance of good writing

I did touch a little on this in this week's article, but Kathy Wagner of Content Strategy Inc. says it quite well. Basically: good content is well written. 

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