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Does your lead generation strategy drive success? 

 Lead generation is the bread and butter of any company working B2B. Without a steady stream of new prospects interested in what you have to offer, where does that leave you?

Many businesses struggle with lead generation. They might waste time or money on ineffective channels or strategies. Or they inadvertently bring in the wrong types of leads, focusing on numbers rather than the quality of the potential prospects.
Considering 2012 data from Marketing Sherpa that found 74% of businesses spend $50 per lead and in most cases much more, lead generation shouldn't be a haphazard stab in the dark. It should be focused with a clear strategy in place. That’s the recipe for success.
In our last newsletter, we looked at two important pieces of the lead generation puzzle. (Did you miss our last mailout? –View our archived newsletters here).
In this edition of The Bridge, we’re continuing our discussion of prospect gathering with two new posts on the topic.   
Webinars and whitepapers are the most enticing types of content that offer the highest conversion rates. Add the word “free” and you’ll see even higher conversions. Sounds good? (Source: The Science of Lead Generation, Hubspot). Learn what it takes to succeed with this type of content for lead generation.
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Of course, doing things on your own is always cheaper. But if you don’t have the right pieces of the puzzle, the quality and quantity of leads may end up costing you more in the long run. Read on for important points to consider when you’re taking on your own lead generation.
Click to read more: Part 4 – Lead Generation and Going it Alone
Do you have the expertise in house to support your lead generation efforts?
So you’ve decided that it’s time to ramp up your business’ lead generation tactics. But are you now feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering how you’re actually going to get it done? You need to ensure your lead generation efforts aren’t in vain by developing a solid foundation to support your efforts. Let the eBridge team step in to lend a hand.
Leverage our copywriting services to craft quality content that will leave your target audience clamoring for more. Our web design experts can create website landing pages and web forms that entice prospects to take action. Whatever support you need to make your lead generation a success, we can help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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