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The evolution of search marketing – what you business needs to know

In this post Penguin, post Hummingbird world of major Google shifts, companies around the world are anxiously wondering, how will our search marketing be affected? Or possibly, why have my rankings dropped? In Google’s efforts to counter sites violating their Webmaster Guidelines, many businesses have experienced search repercussions.
In the past, unscrupulous or dubious search tactics, whether onsite or off, often worked for making search ranking gains. It’s not the case today.
With the current search climate, it’s not about tossing your search budget out the window. It’s about learning how to play by the new rules and leveraging new tactics for helping your site live in Google’s good books.
With the average internet user spending 21% of their time online searching, a further 20% reading content, and more than 1 billion searches being performed each day on Google (source: Ragan), figuring out the search puzzle is key to getting the visibility you want online.
In our most recent blog posts, we get into the realities of search marketing today and what your business needs to be aware of…
Content is king when it comes to SEO: Your content, in all its forms, has to be plentiful and of the highest quality. Learn more about the role content plays in successful SEO here.
Offsite search tactics still matter: Get the authority boosts you need to compete in today’s search marketing world. Offsite tactics have evolved quite dramatically. Check out what you need to know here.
Search friendly press releases: Throwing together a press release to get some links to your site may have worked in the past, but no more! Find out how to focus your release strategy for the greatest benefit to your business’ search efforts here.
Are you staying on top of search shifts? We can help…  
SEO and SEM isn’t dead, it’s just evolving. Fast and furious. You simply can’t manipulate search engines any more.
Is your business fighting to keep up with the changes? If you’ve experienced shifts in your search rankings and are struggling to put your finger on the issue, our search marketing services can work to uncover what is going on. If it’s content you’re after, our content creation services can help to fill in your copy gap. Whatever your needs, we’re here to support your search efforts.


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