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In this issue we discuss a few of the recent and current projects in our portofolio along with other events in the world of Customs and Border Management and Trade Facilitation. You will also find an interesting article about the WCO Technology and Innovation Forum 2013. We will also give you a short glimpse of our plans for 2014.  Make sure to visit our website,, and to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

In this issue

Another year has gone

Dear Reader,   

They say that “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. If this is true then we will have to become more intelligent in the future, because change is coming.  On the other hand my first mentor always said, “when you encounter a man of rear intellect, ask him what books he reads…”.  

We are soon at the end of 2013, and it has been an exiting year in customs capacity building history. Many countries all over the world are modernizing its institutions to increase the potential for increased trade, to speed up the recovery after the global financial crises. There is a number of interesting projects on the way right now and we are pleased and happy to be involved in several of these projects.

In KGH Border Services we have had an interesting, but extremely busy year. We are growing. This year we have lead and or been involved in major Customs and border projects covering areas like i.e.;  Single Window, Trade portals, IT system integration, BPR, AEO/MRA, Risk management, PCA, legislation development, policy development, change management and leadership development, and education – just to mention some of our major activities 2013. This year we also got new majority owners providing a kick-start for the company on the way towards the new level and offering new possibilities on the global level.

It has also been a good book reading year. Better than my writing year. I am still doing the final editing of my new Customs leadership and management book. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances beyond my control the publication of the book has been delayed. However, it is not far away in time now. I ask you to have patience with me, better late than never.

Now we are planning for an even busier 2014. Next year KGH Border Services  will continue to grow, hire new experts, win new projects and tenders – sometimes on our own and other times in cooperation with partners. Most important, we will continue to deliver real tangible results on the ground. That is what we do best.

It has been a good year, but next year will be a great year. I will see you somewhere down the road. You know where to find us and please remember that nothing is impossible!

I wish you all Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

Lars Karlsson
KGH Border Services

Sweden is setting up a Customs training institute for Africa in Arusha

At the first day of the WTO high-level meeting on Bali recently, Swedish Trade Minister Dr. Ewa Björling, who personally provided great support for the WCO Columbus capacity building programme, announced that Swedish Government will establish a Customs trade facilitation institute in Tanzania.

Together with WTO, UNCTAD, World Bank and International Trade Center (ITC), Sweden – through the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA) - will start building this important institution already in the beginning of 2014. Sweden donates 3 million USD to the project to set up the institute and run the operation during the first two years. The idea is to offer specific trade facilitation training for African Customs administrations.

“Through this center Sweden and Tanzania can provide knowledge and capacity to the poorest countries of the continent. This is an excellent initiative that will have our full support. I am positive and welcome it”, said WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo in a comment.   


KGH Border Services International Advisory Board Meeting

In early December 2013, the International Advisory Board of KGH Border Services met for two days in Stockholm to discuss trends in customs, borders and trade – and to develop strategies for the company making it possible to plan the next strategic steps towards excellence in the following years.

The International Advisory Board consists of six very experienced Customs leaders with huge experience (in family name alphabetic order), namely; Professor Wieslaw Wes Czyzowicz, Kjell Jansson, Michael H. Lane, Chriticles Mwanza,  Göran Ekström and Christina Rahlen. You find credentials, CV:s, history of former posts and experience here. The meeting was held in historic surroundings in the Old Town of Stockholm and included also the Top Management team of KGH Border Services and the CEO of the KGH Group, Mr. Vidar Gundersen.  

“This was a creative and constructive meeting that will be very valuable to us already next year. We had excellent discussions. It is fantastic to have access to legends in this field for mentorship, strategic discussions and advice on decision making. These leaders have already been facing the same challenges that we do and their advice is priceless. It was also extremely inspiring to see how interested and engaged they now are in the company and in our operations”, Lars Karlsson, President of KGH Border Services, said in a comment. 

KGH developed Single Window and Trade Portal for Nepal

KGH Border Services have, together with the partner Arctiquator, developed a National Single Window and a Trade Portal for Nepal. At a meeting with Nepal Government in the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C. earlier in December, Lars Karlsson  President of KGH Border Services, presented the outcome from the final report from a World Bank sponsored project to support the development of a National Single Window and Trade portal for Nepal.

The final report was previously approved by Nepal Government at a workshop in Kathmandu in November. KGH Border Services won, together with our partner Arctiquator, the tender to develop the National Single Window and Trade Portal and have done so during 2013.

There will now be a period of further work to ensure the success of the new facilities. 

WCO Technology and Innovation Forum 2013

WCO is providing a unique platform for Customs people from all over the world to meet and exchange good practice and experiences. The WCO Technology and Innovation Forum is one of the conferences that is an important part of this platform. KGH was there and this article discovers the key areas that was presented and discussed during the 2013 conference. 

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KGH signs new contract with Azerbaijan

KGH Border Services signed today, Monday 25th November 2013, a new subcontract with Goverment and the State Customs Committee of the Rebublic of Azerbaijan - under the overall multi-year Risk Management modernization programme.

The contract was signed in front of international media during an European WCO conference in Skopje, Macedonia, and it will deliver the 2nd phase (out of five in total) of a full scale state-of-the-art Risk Management system for Azerbaijan.  

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KGH signs agreement with Macedonian Customs

At a ceremony and press conference in Skopje, KGH Border Services President Lars Karlsson signed a cooperation agreement with Director Vanco Kargov, Head of Macedonia Customs. The contract is a partnership agreement including services of advice for senior management and capacity building support for reform and modernization in a range of different areas.
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KGH and Corporate Social Responsibility

At the end of last year KGH Group submitted its’ first Communication on Progress report to the UN Global Compact. Now, a year later we have reaffirmed our commitment to the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the ten principles of the UN.

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KGH Border Services in Mongolia

KGH Border Services is partaking in a Border Management Assessment Mission in Mongolia. The objective is to comprehensively look at the most immediate and mid-term capacity-development needs and requirements in the field of border management in Mongolia. Today Mongolia is 181 out of 189 countries on the World Bank Doing Business ranking of “Trading Across Borders” and subsequently has a need for border management modernisation.

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What is next?

It has been an exciting last 6-12 months where we in KGH Border Services have won several projects in hard competition with important players in the industry. We are now active in projects on all continents. Next year, 2014, we will continue to grow as a company. We will expand our team of international experts to meet increasing demands from our clients and we will also target new markets. In addition we will open a new head office during the year, while our new office in Brussels (opened in September 2013) will continue to become the coordinator of our operations as well as our networks.  You will see more of us and we are looking forward to see you.

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