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Read about the new owner of KGH Group, KGH Radio, the launch of our new website and more. But first, a few words from the president Lars Karlsson!

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Dear Reader,   

This year we have had a great summer in the North of Europe and also autumn has started with warm and sunny weather. In Sweden we are not used to good weather, so this has certainly been a good and record breaking year so far from that perspective. However, there are more good news to be shared with you. 

Time is running fast and we are soon entering the last quarter (Q4) of 2013. It has been a very busy year for KGH Border Services. We are a company in strong development and the last months we have been engaged in a number of new exiting Customs reform and projects.

We are for the moment involved in a number of international reform and modernization projects especially for the fields of Single Window/Trade Portals, Authorised Economic Operators (AEO), Risk Management, Post-Clearance Audit (PCA), Tariff and Trade Affairs, ICT/technology system integration and Customs Education. The topics are no surprise to the people working in the international Customs, Border and Trade environment. These are certainly topics that are of great interest to Governments all around the world right now. It is my belief that these areas will continue to be the priority in 2014 and beyond. That suits us well, since these are some of our expert areas, were we have longstanding experience. Will there be also new areas of priorities, in addition to the ones mentioned above, for Government in the new future - maybe already in 2014? I think the focus will remain the same, but trade facilitation is certainly on the agenda again so also areas like paperless systems (e.g. electronic declarations, electronic signatures etc), one-stop-shops, transit development will be more attractive for Governments. I also see the environment area being of more interest, meaning ways of doing this in an environmental friendly way. Green Customs will be a priority for the future. In the next issue of this Newsletter we will present our model for Green Customs. Finally I think that regionalization and cooperation between Government administrations (Coordinated Border Management)as well as  between Customs and Trade, will continue to be high on reform agendas. I have no doubt that we will have interesting years ahead of us, since Customs has never been more important than now.          

KGH Border Services has for a long time been active on the Internet and in social media. We are a company that embraces change and new technology. This week we have launched our new website, a new communication platform on The new website is designed to support all our communications channels and social media. We are taking the next steps into the future. Don’t miss it.

I will end this introduction by announcing another change that has recently happened. We, through our mother company the KGH Group, have this week received a new owner, which is also presented in an article in this issue of the Newsletter. This is excellent news and we welcome the opportunity to work with Bridgepoint, an international private equity group with a strong international network that will provide financial strength, as well as adding business competence and pan-European business contacts, hence making it possible for us to continue to grow in Europe and beyond.  We are very positive to this arrangement which provides a new platform for continued growth and expansion of our business on the international arena. We are looking forward to further development of our company and to enter new markets together with Bridgepoint .

I wish you in the Northern hemisphere a continued nice autumn and all friends in the Southern hemisphere a great spring! Like my old mentor always said, it is always nice weather somewhere!

Best regards

Lars Karlsson
KGH Border Services

KGH Group to be acquired by Bridgepoint

The international private equity group Bridgepoint has entered an agreement with the Swedish fund Procuritas Capital Investors III (“PCI III”) to acquire KGH Customs AB, the leading independent provider of customs services in Europe.

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KGH Border Services goes radio

KGH Border Services is a company using modern technology solutions and social media both in our own work and in the models and services we offer our customers.  KGH Border Services is available on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and we use social media actively in our projects as well. Now we take the next step and expand our information flow to also include podcast radio. You can through our website, click here, download our podcast episodes to your computer, iPad, smartphone or other devices.

The first radio show to be broadcasted through this new communication channel is “RealTalk with Lars Karlsson”. In this podcast show, KGH Border Services President , Lars Karlsson, meets leaders and experts from his extensive international network in Government, international institutions, academia and the private sector, to discuss various trends and topics within the field of Customs capacity building, reform and modernization.

You can listen to Realtalk with Lars Karlsson, here.

KGH Border Services launches a new communication platform

Today KGH Border Services launches our new website and we take the next steps into the modern communication world. “We are a company in strong development and we will continue to build our business stronger for the years to come. We are already today very active in using social media and modern ways of information and communication. We use state-of-the-art solutions both in our internal business and in the services we deliver to our clients. We live in a globalized world and we are firm believers in using modern technology and new tools in a pro-active way to change and modernize the environment and society that we work in. This new communication platform will provide us with additional opportunities in this respect. It is only one step forward and there are more to come”, says Lars Karlsson, president of KGH Border Services in a comment.      

You find our new website here:

Bernard Touboul has joined KGH Border Services

Bernard Touboul has joined KGH Border Services as Senior International Advisor and Global Manager for Risk Management, Tariff and Trade Affairs.  Bernard Touboul is a well-known and highly experienced project manager and international Customs expert, having worked globally, leading reform and modernization projects all around the world for more than twenty years. 

Mr. Touboul has extensive experience from working on the ground in Asia, Central Asia, Europe and Africa and he has lead and/or participated in more than thirty international World Bank and European Union sponsored projects.  In addition to his project management competence, experience and capacity, Bernard Touboul is also a well-known and acknowledged reform and modernization BPR expert in fields related to e.g.; Government, Customs, border coordination, ICT, risk management, tariff and trade affairs, international trade and trade facilitation. Mr. Touboul has a Certificate in Trade and Commercial Diplomacy from Institute of Trade and Commercial Diplomacy in Washington, USA, a Master Degree (DESS) in international trading from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in PARIS, and an MBA from Groupe HEC (High Management School), Institut Supérieur des Affaires (isa) in PARIS.

Lars Karlsson: “We are delighted that Bernard has joined us with his outstanding experience from implementation of modern Customs concepts on the ground in numerous countries all around the world. There are few people in the capacity building community with more knowledge, experience and competence than Bernard. He will lead many of our international projects in the years to come and we are looking forward to working with him in KGH Border Services in the future development of our company”.  

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