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 Issue no. 7


In this edition KGH Border Service's new President/CEO introduces himself and you can experience our improved layout while reading about Swiss Integrated Border Management efforts and the challenges of being landlocked.

Dear Reader,

We live in the age of globalization. There is no development without trade development and efficient Customs Services is the key for efficient trade.  Customs needs to build sustainable capacity to meet the challenges of a globalized world. This newsletter is one of our ways to contribute to more sharing of information on customs reform and modernization.
On August 1st I joined KGH Border Services as president of the company. As many of you know I have worked with Customs Capacity Building, reform and modernization for decades on all levels and in all parts of the world. As Director of Capacity Building of the World Customs Organization 2006-2010, I had the opportunity to visit more than 150 countries to study customs modernization, initiating capacity building projects under the Columbus programme for implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards and the Revised Kyoto Convention in more than 120 countries. In addition, my longstanding career as top manager of Swedish Customs, have given me the experience needed to master Customs reform. 
This is a great leadership challenge for me in my personal development and leadership career. It is also an opportunity for me to continue to work with customs capacity building all around the world and to do so with more time and resources available to deliver sustainable results having access to the experience of the 600 customs experts working in the KGH Group. I am on temporary leave from Swedish Customs to do this assignment.
As President of KGH Border Services, I lead a team of world class customs experts. We know what works and have a strong track record of leading and participating in successful customs development projects.
We are the leading experts on Border Management, Single Windows and Authorized Economic Operator concepts. We also have huge in-house expertise and experience in areas like i.e. ICT & Technology, Security, Trade Facilitation, One-Stop-Shop, Paperless Processes, Leadership & Management development, Organizational development and Risk Management. In addition, we conduct independent ICT Diagnosis, Result Based Management/Performance Management Concepts and offer Customs Education Solutions based on international standards and global best practices.
If you are in need of advice and customs capacity building support, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will personally get back to you to explore a potential cooperation. You can reach me directly on mobile +46 722 124948 or e-mail,
Together with our clients, we deliver results. I hope that we can change the world together with you. Some people say that implementation is a challenge. We say it is what we do well.
Together we are ready to build the future. Nothing is impossible!

Lars Karlsson

Global Customs Forum

KGH Border Services attended the Customs Global Forum in Brazil.
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Swiss borders

Integration of border management is easier said than done in an environment where many different actors are involved. The Swiss Federal Office of Migration has published a report with input on how they want to face the challenges and improve outcome.
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UNESCAP study on trade facilitation in landlocked countries

Few landlocked countries are as successful as Switzerland. Trade is an important driver for economic growth and facilitation of trade is considered important for GDP growth and ESCAP has studied the efforts made in Central Aisa and provide valuable information on the topic.
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