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In this issue we cover the WTO Bali trade facilitation agreement, an exiting Customs conference in Baku, AEO activities in Brazil and Uruguay.  Make sure to visit our website,, and to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

In this issue

We are building a new world

Dear Reader,   

The first quarter of 2014 has already passed and you ask yourself, where did it go? The world is changing yet again, as it will continue to do, and globalization had become our normal condition. For Customs this means major change. When nations recover from years of financial crises, trade is bound to play the critical role. The WTO BALI agreement on trade facilitation is starting to materialize and there are a lot of discussions around the vehicles, models, instruments and timelines to use in the following steps of the process. With this new agreement many of the now established Customs and border models move from being best practices to binding rules of international law. Even though there will be different - and sometimes generous – time limits, it is still a huge change that is ahead of. The good news is naturally that we today know how to do all of this. We have already implemented all of these models - they are operational and working very well. Not everywhere, but in some countries.

In KGH Border Services, we have on the ground implementation experience of all the elements in the WTO BALI TF agreement. We have done implementation of all components more than once, in most cases many times. This is a great strength, our competitive edge. If you want to know more about this do not hesitate to contact me. You find my contact data below.  I will give you a promise, and I always keep my promises. If you want me personally to come to your country to explain more on how we can help you to implement all the new requirements that will follow from the BALI agreement – just send me an e-mail and I will come. No obligations, just a meeting to talk about alternatives and delivery, our service package. I can guarantee that if you decide to work together with us, you will be satisfied with the results and we will deliver on time. We have a 100% delivery in time rate. We intend to keep that record. We are expanding and hiring new experts from all around the world to meet the demands from clients. The following years will be very interesting, since we are really building a new world.

If you want to know more –do not hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues.    

Lars Karlsson
KGH Border Services
Mobile: +46 722-124948

An AEO-programme for Receita Federal - Brazil Customs

Receita Federal, Brazil Customs is in the process of developing and implementing a new programme for Authorized Economic Operators.  The programme is in a first stage of implementation and has just moved into a pilot phase.
This is a very interesting initiative for several reasons. The development and implementation is done in very close cooperation with the Brazil business and private sector operators.  A joint project group with Procomex and CNI has been established and is working closely with Brazil Customs.

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KGH Border Services in Uruguay

Lars Karlsson, President of KGH Border Services, was in the beginning of April invited by the organizers to do a Key Note Speech about Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) and Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) at a Pathway to Prosperity Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay. 
The conference was arranged for Customs and Private Sector and had more than 280 participants

The conference was organized by U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Embassy and Uruguay Customs. Lars Karlsson is one of the leading AEO experts in the world having experience from more than twenty different AEO projects as well as the standard setting for AEO in the World Customs Organization and in the European Union.

U.S. Ambassador Julissa Reynoso and Director Enrique Canon making their closing speeches at the conference

KGH Border Services develops WTO TF Package

It has never been easier to estimate a country's own situation and the cost and time for implementation of any gaps, in relation to the new WTO trade facilitation agenda that was included in the Bali December agreement.
In Sweden, we have been involved in major reform programmers targeted trade facilitation for many years. Sweden is known for its trade facilitation driven top modern Customs models and concepts. Many of the leading concepts today, like; e.g. single Window, One-Stop-Shop, Authorized Economic Operators (The Stairway), e-declarations, e-signatures etc. - were originally developed and first implemented in Sweden. 

The Sweden-Norway border is still today considered to be the fastest and most modern border crossing in the world. The multilateral institutions are every year sending delegations from all around the world to see the only border in the world with only one single agency, Customs from either Sweden OR Norway, in charge of all Government tasks as the only agency at the border doing all of the front office work (including the release of goods) for all agencies in 29 countries, Norway and the 28 EU member states. 

KGH Border Services and our experts have played a major role in the development and also in taking the concepts to the international level. We have experience from not only doing the implementation of these key concepts once, but many times. Now we will take this knowledge and experience to the next level. In cooperation with several key people, we have developed an implementation model for WTO Bali TF package. 

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A Customs conference not to miss

Don’t miss the conference of the year. On the 21-23 May 2014, the International Network of Customs Universities holds its inaugural conference in Baku.
For some time the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU) has worked closely with the WCO through its PICARD (Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development) Programme to provide opportunities for debating matters of mutual interest to WCO members and to those universities and research institutes that are active in the field of customs research, education and training.

There is however, a clear need for the establishment of a forum that provides academics with a greater opportunity to present the findings of their research activities, and for younger researchers and students to present their research proposals to the broader research community. Also, recognising the importance that other international organisations play in developing Customs and border management policies, there is a need for INCU to increase its engagement with a broader cross-section of the international community. 

The Inaugural INCU Global Conference 2014 "Trade Facilitation Post-Bali: Putting Policy into Practice" will take place from 21 to 23 May 2014 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan and will be hosted by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. There is no registration fee for the conference and accommodation at the conference hotel will be sponsored and provided by the hosts.

Lars Karlsson, President of KGH Border Services, will be one of the speakers at the conference.

Don’t miss this event – it will be the best Customs conference of the year.

Read more here: and on the official website of the conference:
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