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verdant life in the city.

Fleurbain is a space where people find empowerment through knowledge and transformation through expression. Tammy Schmidt, CHT provides consultations and education on herbal remedies. Natasha Henderson is expanding creative horizons through painting and feltmaking with workshop participants.

Fleurbain is at 460 St Catherine West, Unit #917.

Fleurbain is located downtown Montreal, between the Bay and Place des Arts, above Future Shop on St. Catherine. Place des Arts and McGill Metro stations are equally close. There is plenty of street parking and paid parking lots within a block of Fleurbain. 

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 3pm-6pm.

For clients, the herbalist dispensary is open:
*Monday 11 am - 12:30 pm
Tuesday 3 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday 3 pm - 6 pm
Thursday 3 pm - 6 pm
Friday 10am - 11:30 pm

*closed holiday Mondays

Come visit us!


It was a party...

On November 5th we celebrated our Grande Opening and Vernissage! We shared delightful conversation and edible treats to start things off in style.

Natasha Henderson's paintings from Point Counter Point graced the walls during their debut.  We enjoyed amazing food such as Julie's Vegan Choco Date Truffles, Savory Muffins, and cookies from DF+EF.

We talked about herbalism, food, art, and had a great time enjoying the views from our 9th floor space. We made new connections and chatted with old friends. It was a beautiful evening, and a successful launch!


So, what is an herbalist?

An herbalist is an expert in traditional plant remedies.
Some of the issues that traditional plant remedies can be used for include; improving the capacity for stress, sleep, gynecological complaints and fertility, nourishment of the body and weight loss, mild depression and anxiety, fortifying the immune system, improving digestion, cardiovascular and respiratory issues, aches and pains, acne and other mild skin issues and an adjunct therapy useful in chronic conditions.

What is a consultation?
A warm conversation over a cup of tea. It involves taking time to relax and to discuss your concerns. After the initial consultation, Tammy draws up recommendations based upon traditional plant remedies. The suggested remedies can be picked up at her office or they can be picked up at another herbal dispensary or a health food store.
A full consultation involves an intake form and several questions. It lasts around 1 1/2 hours and it includes a follow-up phone call in the next week. It is regularly $80, plus tax. Follow-up appointments are around 1/2 hour in length and it is $40, plus tax.
A mini consult involves one or two questions. It is around 15 minutes in length. It is $20, plus tax.

Consultations at a reduced rate are available to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it; students, seniors and the under-employed.

What is the dispensary?
The dispensary is where Tammy mixes teas and tinctures. It is part of Tammy's office. It is necessary that Tammy establishes a relationship with each of her clients before making any suggestions involving herbal remedies.

Bloom in December!

 our workshops

10 herbs you want to have on hand this winter!  
Tammy will discuss and share herbs wtih participants that are traditionally used to fortify the immune system
Monday December 5; from 7-9pm 
$30, plus tax.  This includes samples and recipes!

Make Your Own Felt Scarf with Natasha
Tuesday December 6, 6:30-8:30 pm.
$50, including tax.  Everything included.
10 healthy holiday foods filled with flavour and festivity for everyone
Tammy explores tasty alternatives to festive foods containing gluten and dairy.  
Thursday December 8; from 7-10pm
$20, plus tax. The evening includes samples and recipes!

The 5 Step Natural Skin Cleansing Program.  
Tammy will show you how to nourish your skin with simple, easy to find ingredients.  We will make a lux facial cream, a floral steam, all natural cleanser and several types of facials.
Monday December 12; from 7-10pm
$40, plus tax.  Includes recipes and products for approximately 1 month of skin pampering!

Exterior-Bound Books with Natasha
Tuesday December 13, 6:30 - 8:30pm.
Learn to make a simple exterior-bound books and take home two samples.  $30, including tax.

10 amazing DIY gift ideas that will not break the bank!
We love homemade gifts!  We will give you 10 great ideas for creative and meaningful gift giving.
Thursday December 15th; from 7-10pm
$40, plus tax. Yes, we include samples and directions!

ONGOING: Drop-in Acrylic painting with Natasha Henderson.
Sundays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm.  Everything supplied, $35!  All levels of experience are welcome.  Here is a beautiful chance to paint in a supportive environment. 

For all workshops other than the drop-in acrylic painting, please register at least 3 days before the course.  For more information please email:

Call to Artists

Small Works Holiday Show
December 10-30
please email for more details

• Drop off works between 3pm and 6pm on December 5, 6, or 7
• Entry fee (to help cover costs of opening and also administrative fees) of $10 per artist, with a maximum of five works per artist.
• Maximum size of works 18”x18”. We suggest trying to keep it under 12”x12”. Retail price of work to be set by artist; the show’s curator Natasha Henderson Art will take 40% of this.
• Vernissage!!! December 10, 6pm to 9pm. Invite your friends and contacts!


The month of December is a time to be together!

Bring a friend to one of our workshops and your friend participates for half-price!

Participants need to register at least 3 days before the workshop.  Please email to register.

Also, we have beautiful gift-cards available that can be used towards the good stuff and services Tammy or Natasha have to offer.

In the gallery...

Our first exhibition in Fleurbain’s gallery space is on until December 7th.

Natasha Henderson presents Point Counter Point, a suite of paintings that use the music and concepts of JS Bach as a point of beginning.

Counterpoint is a method of music in which concurrent themes or melodies play. Themes bounce off one another, unique voices and harmonies are created by the combination of individual ideas.

Viewers of the works have described the paintings as eerie to spiritual… come and see for yourself!

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*917 - 460 St. Catherine St West, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A7
Every course, every consult and every visit to Fleurbain comes with a cuppa tea!  Cheers!