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The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter 
Summer 2016
Newsletter Editor: LTJG Trishia Carinio, NC, USN
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Featured Articles
  • The 42 Anniversary President’s Message
  • Last issue by Dr. Merlie Ramira and LTJG Trishia Carinio
PNASD Awards and Congratulation Corner
  • Dr. Marlon Saria
  • Jose Samson, MSN, FNP-C
  • Dr. Merlie Ramira
  • PNASD Nurse Excellences
  • 2016-2018 PNASD Officers and Board Members, Board of Directors
  • 2016-2018 PNARC Officers

Future Events
  • PNASD 1st Business Meeting - July 17
    Sharp Spectrum
  • PNAA National Convention
    July 22-27 - Washington D.C.
  • Annual PNASD Picnic - August 21
    1400 Vacation Isle Road, San Diego 92109
  • PNASD Fall Seminar - September 24
    Sharp Spectrum Auditorium
  • More events and information to come
Past Events
  • PNASD Professional Outreach Events
    April 5 and June 23
  • PNAA Western Region Conference
    April 17-24
  • PNASD Annual Nurses’ Week Celebration
    May 1
  • Annual Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego
    May 7
  • Mabuhay Festival
    June 11
  • PNASD Awards and Scholarship Gala
    June 11
  • PNASD Post Gala Debriefing
    June 12
  • Philippine Cultural Arts Festival
    June 25-26
Featured Articles

The 42 Anniversary President’s Message

I am greatly honored and humbled to accept the position as President of Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego. I am proud and excited to carry on the tradition of excellence exhibited by this group since 1974. I am happy to be here, a La Concordia College graduate leading an exceptional nursing organization. Thanks to the Sisters at the convent who taught me well.
Someone asked me if I am excited about the position as President of PNASD. The response is “Yes, but there are concerns because it involves a lot of hard work, commitment, responsibilities…wrinkles, money, blood, sweat and tears.
Why do I want to be involved at this level? The answer is “Because I respect the organization, its members, the history of helping people and being part of something of significance.” I joined PNASD 10 years ago after retirement.
Just to give you a little background of PNASD for those who are not aware what this Association is all about. It is a non-profit 501c (3) charitable organization composed of volunteer Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Chairmen and members. Our mission is to embrace all nurses and allied health professionals regardless of ethnicity, beliefs or perspective in life; we are inclusive and develop innovative nursing professionals through leadership trainings, continuing education classes and building a strong community partnership through collaboration with community organizations to promote their initiatives like the SD Black Nurses, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Operation Samahan, Council of Pilipino American Organization, Kalusugan, Philippine Heritage and Humanitarian Foundation, Philippine Consular Affairs, American Cancer Society and helping underprivileged people not only locally, nationally but globally. We have numerous projects in the San Diego community providing First Aid, Blood Pressure checks, Health Screenings, health teachings to the public; partake in immunization projects, fire safety and other community activities.
We have raised the standards of nursing students receiving scholarships yearly since 2001. We have given scholarship funds to more than 200 scholars. On June 11, we had 10 scholarship awardees to congratulate and awarded Nurses who excel in their field of nursing.
The theme of my Presidency is PNASD Pride: Community Service through Volunteerism, which is the very essence of the nursing profession. In the real world, it’s all about other people. Giving is the greatest thing we can do for humanity. People are known to be happier, when they give, when they engage in simple acts of kindness. 
My goals will focus as well on increasing and maintaining membership, more funding for our nursing student scholars and continue leadership training, yearly fall education seminars, more community involvement, promoting advocacy and engaging in innovative nursing ideas. I solicit your support and commitment and encourage you to volunteer, become more involved in the community of San Diego and the world.
I would like to encourage every PNASD member to renew your commitment to the Association by maintaining your membership and recruiting new members. For those nurses that are not a member of PNASD, please sign up as new members. You will be welcomed.
To all members, we have numerous activities and projects for 2016- 2017, our first General Assembly meeting will be on Sunday, July 17 at 8:30 a.m. at  Sharps Spectrum. I would like to meet and greet every member of PNASD and on July 23, 2016, we will be at Washington DC PNAA National Convention to bid for the 2018 National Convention. If we win the bid, we will showcase our Association and San Diego, our finest city.
I thank Dr. Merlie Ramira, her Executive Officers and Board of Directors for their outstanding services during the past two years and the accomplishments of all the Past Presidents. I will continue to pursue and uphold the mission and goals when making decisions and have the best interest of the Association in mind. 
Thank you to PNAA Executive Board, PNASD Board of Directors and Officers, members, distinguished guests, donors, corporate sponsors, families and friends.
I welcome the New Executive Board and Board of Directors of 2016-2018
Thank you and I will see you at the community events.
Vivian D. Sanderlin BSN, RN, PHN
PNASD President 2016-2018

Last PNASD Heritage Issue by Dr. Merlie Ramira and LTJG Trishia Carinio


We would like to thank you for all your support for the past 2 years in providing us news and information to share to our members and the community through our Heritage.

Sincere thanks to past PNASD president, Marlon Saria, for all his support and guidance.

PNASD Awards and Congratulation Corner

Marlon Garzo Saria, past president of the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from UCLA on June 9, 2016.  His dissertation research “The Hidden Morbidity of Cancer: An Exploratory Study of Burden in Caregivers of Patients with Brain Metastases” presented an analysis of the relationships between caregiver burden and the affective disorders anxiety and depression, described the higher risk of screening positive for anxiety and depression for caregivers who report increased schedule burden, and examined the impact of the patient’s cognitive impairment on caregiver resilience and caregiver coping strategies. Research and practice implications of his findings can assist decision and policy makers to develop a plan to integrate the care of caregivers into formal healthcare systems in cancer care and create an infrastructure for more comprehensive caregiver surveillance at national and/or state levels.

Dr. Saria attended the UCLA School of Nursing commencement on June 11, 2016 with his proud parents and family friends, including past PNASD committee members, Del Quero and Ninette Pecson.
Jose Samson, MSN, FNP-C is the President of California Association of Nurse Practitioner (CANP), North Chapter. He works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Operation Samahan Health Centers. Jose is currently the PNASD Press Relations Officer.
Dr. Merlie Ramira has been chosen as the PNAA Regional Vice President, Western Region for 2016-2018. She has also been selected as the PNAA Excellence Award for Advanced Practice Nurse for 2016. Her induction and award event will be on July 23, 2016 at the PNAA National Convention in Washington, DC. Merlie Ramira is the Immediate Past-President of PNASD 2014-2016.
Past Events
PNASD Professional Outreach Events

Lisa Maloy, RN, MSN, CNS, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nursing Faculty at Grossmont College invited PNASD at the Grossmont Alumni Group on April 5, 2016 at 5 p.m. We talked to students and invited them to be a member of our organization.

PNASD Officers at Grossmont College
PNASD continue to be involved with outreach opportunities such as an invited professional organization by Southwestern College on April 6, 2016.

PNASD Officers and members
Merlie Ramira was invited as a guest speaker by Concorde Career College during May Nurses Week Celebration. Emeline Yabut and the faculty of Concorde College attending the event.

Merlie Ramira, Emeline Yabut and Concorde Career College Faculty
University of San Diego invited PNASD members to attend the conference on Character and   Education June 23, 2016, the keynote speaker was Mann Rentoy, a professor and Founding Executive Director of Character Education Partnership Philippines. PNASD supported Mr. Rentoy’s participation at this important event.

Mann Rentoy, Vivian Sanderlin, Merlie Ramira and USD Education students
PNASD Delegates attended PNAA Western Region Conference
Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Delegates from San Diego attended the PNAA Western Region Conference that was held on April 17-24, 2016 at Chaparral Suites/Embassy Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event was hosted by PNA Arizona under the leadership of President (Dr. Jay Maningo-Salinas), President Elect (Emma Rosales), and East Valley Subchapter President (Billie Sparenga). The attendees from PNASD were Vickie Berbano (PNAA Executive Board Member and PNASD Board member), Chona Lutap (Chair of Board of Directors), Dr. Merlie Ramira (PNASD President), Vivian Sanderlin (President Elect), Erlinda Mascardo (Vice-President), Dorothy Brown (Photographer and PRO), and RoseMarie Ferrer (PNASD member). PNASRC Subchapter led by President (Benita Valle), President-Elect (Gigi Narisma), Treasurer (Gina Cascolan), Secretary (Fona Fornasdoro), and member (Tess Tan). The theme of the conference “Transforming Nursing Practice through Empowered Nursing Workforce” included the Leadership Institute Sessions, Education Day, Gala Night, the Sunday Brunch, and Fellowship Worship.
L-R Back: Chona Lutap, Benita Valle, Fona Fornasdoro, Tess Tan, Vivian Sanderlin
L-R Front: Mindy Ofiana, Letty Hermosa, Merlie Ramira, Vickie Berbano, Gigi Narisma, Gina Cascolan
Friday, April 15, 2016 - The leadership sessions was led by Dr. Rey Rivera, PNAA Chair of the Education Committee. The keynote speaker was the PNAA Executive Director, Ms. Lolit Compass. She shared her experiences on how to be successful personally and professionally focusing on the “New Beginnings, Lessons Learned, and her Favorite Quotes.” She exemplifies that success can be achieved through perseverance and hard work. The mantra of PNAA President, Dr. Leticia Hermosa, Lead, Empower, and Transform, Let’s Do It continues to resonate among attendees. The highlight of the session was the “Marshmallow Challenge” which portrayed that teamwork among members is important to achieve success.

Billie Sparenga, Emma Rosales, Rey Rivera, Lolit Compas, Letty Hermosa, Merlie Ramira, Jay Maningo-Salinas, Mindy Ofiana

Saturday, April 16, 2016 – Education day speakers presented relevant topics such as Managing Stress, Cancer Survivorship, Transgender Health and Awareness, Leading and Empowering the Future of Nursing, Nurses Collaborating and Serving our Military Partners, and the Gift of Storytelling in Empowering Nursing Practices. The speakers were appreciated with wooden plaque award with shape of the State of Arizona.

President Elect, Dino Doliente III and PNASD President, Merlie Ramira

PNASD delegates: Chona Lutap, Lolit Compas (PNAA Executive Director), Vivian Sanderlin, Dorothy Brown, Merlie Ramira, Vickie Berbano
Gala event was followed with parade of the banners of the PNAA President and the Executive Board members, Western Region Chapters and Subchapters. The program involved dance performances from FAYA Millennium, Native Spirit Hoop Dancers, and the East Valley Chapter Dancers. The Planning committee comprised of Mindy Ofiana, PNAA Regional Vice President, Western Region, Dr. Jay Maningo-Salinas, Dr. Merlie Ramira, Billie Sparenga and Emma Rosales were presented with a recognition plaque award. 
PNASD Western Conference delegates Gala Night

Merlie Ramira & Letty Hermosa

PNAA Western Region Recognition Awards

PNASD Parade of Banners

PNAA Western Region delegates with PNAA Executive Board members
Sunday April 17, 2016 - The Fellowship/Non-denominational Worship was presided by Father Rolyn Francisco and attended by PNAA members and families. The religious worship was followed by the Sunday Brunch continental breakfast provided by the hosting chapter. PNASD delegates and all the PNAA members had a great time attending the Western Region Conference. PNASD appreciated PNA Arizona leaders and members for their marvelous hospitality and tremendous hardwork for a successful event. Each time that we attended PNAA event, we are inspired and motivated to attend the next conference: the PNAA National Convention on July 2016 in Washington, DC.
PNASD Annual Nurses’ Week Celebration
PNASD Board Member
Maria Camilon, MSN, RN
Nurses are the heart of healthcare. They are the backbone of medical care from hospitals, military facilities, clinics, schools, nursing homes, urgent care facilities, home health services, emergency response teams and many more where the vital role of nurses are evident.

Every year from May 6th to May 12th, Nurses’ Week is celebrated to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our nurses in health care settings and the community. The week of recognition and appreciation for Nurses ends on May 12th which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This year’s ANA theme is the “Culture of Safety – It Begins with You.” Wherein all involved in a healthcare organization are committed to practices and values that prioritize safety over competing objectives.

PNASD members & Officers
The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego hosts an annual Nurses’ Week celebration to recognize its members and acknowledge this noble profession. The celebration this year was held at Sunrise Buffet on Sunday May 1st. PNASD and PNASRC members arrived with their families and friends to enjoy the sumptuous spread of delectable buffet. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Cece Echon and Chona Lutap who spearheaded and planned this year’s annual gathering, everybody had a grand time. With the ubiquitous floral corsages on the nurses that day, a good number of attendees networked with their colleagues. Some were just happy to re-connect with their friends and best friend from their post graduate courses (Arlin Ramira).

PNASD Members & Officers

SWC nursing students with Professors Ludy Deperio, Arlin Ramira, & Dr. Merlie Ramira
The brief program for the day started with a welcome speech from our then President, Dr. Merlie Ramira, who thanked all the nurses and expressed her recognition of all their hard work and commitment to quality and patient safety. Deacon Manny Porciuncula led the attendees to a heartfelt invocation before the meal. Everybody was a special attendee on that day, but we were most delighted with the presence of PNAA’s President-Elect Dino Doliente III. He spoke briefly about the nurses’ commitment and dedication to the profession. Dino also acknowledged the cohesiveness of PNASD and their continued support for the mission and vision of PNAA. PNASRC President Benita Valle gave a warm welcome and thanked the nurses on this special occasion.
PNASD Members, Officers, Board of Directors and PNAA President-Elect, Dino Doliente III
After everybody feasted on a plethora of seafood, delicious entrees and decadent desserts, Vickie Berbano PNASD BOD presented the PNASD Achievement Award to one of our long time member Gemma Banaag Chief Nursing Officer of Paradise Valley Hospital. Gemma was unavailable to receive the award so her children, Riley and Ryan were on hand to accept the plaque.

PNASD Achievement Award for Gemma Rama-Banaag
Dr. Merlie Ramira recognized our new members amidst the rousing applause of the attendees. But it was the event’s raffle drawings that got the nurses and their families all charged up as the numbers were called. We thank our very generous and wonderful donors for the many prizes we were able to share with the lucky winners. As the celebration of nurses continued, the lingering and palpable excitement were evident as everybody continued to network and enjoyed the camaraderie. There is no doubt about it - Nurses have a passion for caring and a commitment to quality and patient safety. With a wide a range of capabilities and disciplines, nurses provide expert care across the entire continuum.
It is my pleasure to honor all the nurses, my colleagues, during this National Nurses’ Week in gratitude and respect for their excellent and passionate service.

PNASD Members, Officers, and Board of Directors with Dino Doliente III
Always thank your nurse, and let me share a short note I came across from Maya Angelou.
“As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may not remember our name, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”
PNASD at the Annual Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego
PNASD Chair, Community Outreach
Crisabel Ramos, BSN, RN

The Philippine Nurses Association San Diego (PNASD) participated in the Annual Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego that was held on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm at Mira Mesa Community Park. The Asian Cultural Festival was hosted and presented by the National Asian American Coalition and produced by Silk Road Productions led by Dennis-Michael Broussard.

PNASD Volunteers

PNASD Volunteers
PNASD’s Community Health provided BP screenings, health teachings and referrals. There were 56 clients that we served with a total of 13 volunteers: 11 RNs (all PNASD members) 1 hospital corpsman, 3 nursing students and 2 High School students. It was a day to remember with lots of entertainment and performances like colorful and graceful cultural dances from Japan, China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines martial arts presentations to name a few.
PNASD Volunteers

PNASD officers and Board of Directors with the Committee on Community Health will continue to collaborate and network with other community organizers to promote health and well being of our fellowmen.
PNASD Volunteers at Mabuhay Festival 
PNASD, Chair Community Outreach
Crisabel Ramos, BSN, RN

Mabuhay Festival highlighted the events with several entertainment programs like the Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts & Learning Center that performed spectacular show with beautiful and colorful cultural dances. Ditas Yamane, Mabuhay Festival Executive Director announced the recipients of Bayani (Hero) Award, Filipino American Sailors of the Year, Mabuhay Scholarship Awards, Mabuhay Foundation Awards, Mabuhay Festival Awards and Johnathan Tarr Foundation Scholarship Award. The crowning of little Miss Mabuhay Pageant among the young ones gave an awe to the audience. The National City Police Team also gave a presentation for safety measure with a dog to all park attendees. They ensured the peace and order during the entire event.

PNASD Volunteers
PNASD Community Health provided BP screenings, health teachings and referrals. There were 36 clients for BP screenings and 13 total volunteers: 2 registered nurses (RN) from PNASD and 1 RN from a Home Health Agency who will renew her PNASD membership; 9 active duty hospital corpsmen and 1 Medical Assistant. Other community health organizations also provided BP screenings to other attendees for the whole day. PNASD is committed to reach its mission and goals in “partnership and collaboration with other community organizations and in promoting the image of nurses through active participation in activities and programs advancing Filipino culture, relevance, and visibility.”
The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County (PNASD) joined the 6th Annual Mabuhay Festival at Kimball Park, National City on June 11, 2016. The overcast sky and strong wind did not hinder the attendees in celebrating the commemoration of Philippine Independence Day. It was a day to meet the leaders of National City local government like Ron Morrison, Mayor of National City. The community event gave an opportunity to network with officers and members of several community organizations. Dr. Binh Tran and Dr. Sandy Chong from Asian Pacific Health Foundation introduced themselves to Ms Crisabel Ramos, RN, PNASD Chair for Community Health. APHF provides free lab tests for hepatitis, free medical and consultation for medication management and many more. Dr. Ofelia Dirige, President of Kalasugan-Kalakasan promulgated and encouraged PNASD to participate in the Vim & Vigor Art & Wellness Festival at the County Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific High Hwy, San Diego, on October 8, 2016. 

PNASD Volunteers and friends
PNASD Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary, Academic Scholarship and
Excellence Award Event at Sheraton Mission Valley, June 11th 2016
Vickie Berbano, MHA, RN
PNAA Executive Board Member, PNASD Board of Director

Congratulations to the Officers and members who through the years remain the beacon that makes PNASD shine! We recognize our staunched supporters, Paradise Valley Hospital, United States University, Sharp Healthcare, UCSD Healthcare, Azusa Pacific University, Barona Casino and Kaiser Permanente, paving the way in partnership with our organization to provide scholarship to deserving students from San Diego County. We appreciate the presence of our PNAA President Dr Leticia Hermosa, Western RVP Mindy Ofiana who inducted the incoming officers of PNASD and PNASRC Subchapter for 2016-2018.
Induction PNASD and PNASRC Officers
 PNASD Officers
  • President-Vivian Sanderlin
  • President Elect – Linda Mascardo
  • Recording Secretary – Lorna Herce
  • Corresponding Secretary- Ariane Luzano
  • Parliamentarian- Emeline Yabut
  • Treasurer – Fe Delosreyes
  • Assistant Treasurer- Melinda Marteja
  • Auditor – Crisabel Ramos
  • Press Relation Officers – Dorothy Brown & Jose Samson.
PNASRC Officers:
  • President – Gigi Narisma
  • President-Elect – Gina Cascolan
  • Secretary – Trifona Fornasdoro
  • Treasurer- Marylou Magallon-Ignacio
 Board of Directors: 
  • Lourdes Deperio (Chair, Board of Directors)
  • Chona Lutap
  • Cecilia Echon
  • Marita Ferrer
  • Elvira Magsarili
  • Merlie Ramira
  • Victoria Berbano
  • Tessie Porciuncula 

To our donors, family members, friends we appreciate YOU! Because without you we will not be able to provide these benefits for our scholars and recognize as well the Excellent Nurses in San Diego County.
Scholarship Award Recipients
Excellence Award Recipients

L-R Back: Jose Samson (President, California Association of Nurse Practitioners, North Chapter), Dr. Chester Banaag, Mindy Ofiana (PNAA RVP Western Region, Gemma Rama-Banaag (CNO Paradise Valley Hospital), Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President 2014-2016, Mr. Carl Walters II (CEO Operation Samahan), Merly Ferrer, (PNASD Board Member & Community Health Outreach Liaison)
L-R Front: Atty. Gail Stargardter, Dr. Steve Stargardter (President, United States University), Dr. Rosalinda Milla, Dean College of Health & Sciences, United States University), Dr. Letty Hermosa, PNAA President
Thank you to the innovative leadership of Dr Merlie Ramira whose legacy & achievement in the recognition of the relevance of inclusiveness, transparency in the pursuit of a 501(c) 3 organization, participation in the Nurse Action Coalition, Concurrency in nursing education. Merlie’s dedication and commitment earned her the respect of her colleagues and students she mentors. LEAD, EMPOWER & TRANSFORM the mantra of PNAA was evident in PNA San Diego!
PNASRC Officers and Friends
Chona, Gemma, Merlie, Mindy – Perpetual Award
PNASD Gala attendees
An evening to remember indeed! The Colorguards who ignited the event was indeed awesome. Yes, we had the R & L dancers in their colorful outfits entertaining the group and in the center were our incoming president, Vivian Sanderlin and her husband Sandy. Our appreciation for Nio Noveno our Emcee with his partner Jem Olivar. Merlie’s friends opened the dance floor with line dancing on songs of Price Tag and S’aimera Larusso, then they were joined by others for more line dancing.

The attendees of course got excited with our opportunity drawings throughout the evening. Yes indeed, Lisa Duncan won again this year; so did Robert Robledo, President of the Hispanic Nurses Association of San Diego. The commotion was in the tables of the Department of Health section of the room, why? They garnered most of the drawing numbers.
R & L Dancers with Vivian Sanderlin
Chona, Ludy, and Dr. Ramira preparing to present the Cathy McJanet's  International Outreach Program: Concurrency; PNASD Supporter Appreciation Award
Vivian Sanderlin & Merlie Ramira
Friends of PNASD:


I will be in total remiss not to mention the Planning Committee members Fe Delos Reyes (Co-Chair), Lourdes Deperio (Scholarship Chair), Erlinda Mascardo (Excellence Award Chair), Chona Lutap & Cece Echon (Committee Chairs for Seating), Cris Ramos & Lorna Herce (our Hospitality Greeters), Maria Camilon (Opportunity Drawing Chair), Tessie Porciuncula (Decorations), Dorothy Brown (our photographer), and our AV Gentleman Jose Samson. If you think you guessed it, yes, they are NURSES except for Rolly Echon our Logistic Chair. Thank you everyone.
Goal Setting to Higher Heights: President Merlie Ramira’s Winning Attitude
Chair, PNASD Board of Directors
Lourdes Deperio, MSN, RN
On June 11, 2016, PNA San Diego (PNASD) celebrated its 42nd Scholarship Gala Event and Induction of the new officers and the end of Dr. Merlie Ramira’s administration 2014-2016. The last two years under her leadership was undeniably a very busy one, full of action, quantum leap of activities which were all completed during her term. This President always had that winning attitude which transcends tradition and influenced others to ride in her band wagon. Her strategic goals to move PNASD to the forefront as one of the most recognized and competitive chapter in the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) was never lost and even had exceeded beyond expectations.
L-R – Back (Vivian Sanderlin, Merlie Ramira, Maria Camilon, Lipin Reyes, Elvie Magsarili, Vickie Berbano, PNAA President Letty Hermosa, Elaine Soliven, Cris Ramos, Linda Mascardo, Arlin Ramira
L-R Front – Lorna Herce, Dorothy Brown, Cece Echon, Chona Lutap, Lourdes Deperio, Merly Ferrer, Tessie Porciuncula, Jose Samson (not in picture), Perly Aguinaldo (not in picture)
President Ramira was never fettered to accomplish what she intended to do during her administration. She trusted the members who surrounded her to do a great job and led them to the trajectory of success with a strong determination to move away from the old trends and become more relevant during this period of millennial domination. She is always expressing her admiration and recognition of each member who continuously stood beside her to help complete any project she proposes for the organization. The bar was set to a high level of expectations and results, full of memories, action on point with the mission and goals of the organization and always ready to sing praises and thank you to each member. Memories of midnight emails and texts to ensure that all are in sync with her, that everyone are on task, did it with fun, humor and full of laughter are unimaginable. As a working full time faculty and nurse practitioner, she made PNASD one of her priorities to ensure its relevance and strength as one of the most recognized nursing organization. It was indeed a great two years to reflect on and savor the happy times. She did it her winning ways. We are proud to be in it.

Dorothy Brown Elaine Soliven, Merlie & Arlin Ramira

PNASD Officers post-Gala evaluation meeting


Post-Gala meeting: Vivian Sanderlin, Elaine Soliven, Merly Ferrer

As customarily done after a major event, a post gala event evaluation is always planned. The purpose of this is to identify areas that we successfully met and also areas needing improvement during the Scholarship Ball. All officers and committee members were invited to a restaurant for a delicious lunch. It provided an opportunity to say thank you to all, specifically to the outgoing President, and reflect what went well and not so well at the event. This time Dr. Ramira did the unorthodox way and broke the tradition. Instead of PNASD picking up the tab for a lunch meeting at a restaurant, Merlie and her husband Arlin invited all the officers and committee members to their beautiful home. They provided the delicious food and desserts, wine, drinks and thorough great fun and laughter, a tradition that was not ever done before.

Jose Samson, Maria Camilon, Lourdes Deperio, Linda Mascardo, Tessie Porciuncula

PNASD Officers with President Letty Hermosa

All of us were in awe of such a surprised gesture, unselfish, humble and beyond comparison reception. Her endless appreciation, lots of thank you, and act of thoughtfulness truly describes Dr. Ramira as a lady with class, style and elegance. Arlin Ramira, her husband and a nursing professor himself at Southwestern College, was such a gracious host. He waited on all the guests and ensured all are comfortable and well attended to. It was a true hospitable and heartfelt gesture of how much they both appreciated all the work we all participated in to make Dr. Ramira’s administration a great success.

Chona Lutap, Ludy Deperio, Merly Ferrer and Merlie Ramira

Chona Lutap, Cece Echon, Dorothy Brown, Tessie Porciuncula, Letty Hermosa, Merlie Ramira & Vickie Berbano

After an endless visit to the dining table to taste all the foods served, post gala event meeting began. Each member was given the opportunity to offer comments as well as solutions to issues, identified what process went well and what disturbed the flow of the event. All were very respectful, open, cordial and accepted responsibilities. We learned from each other, grew professionally and personally, and strengthened friendship. President Ramira and President Sanderlin reminded us all of the PNASD’s purpose, its vision, mission and goals, and the core values. This process of coming together after such a high adrenaline charged energy evening certainly strengthened the bond among all the members and energized everyone again to the next project: the Fall Seminar.

PNASD BODs and Officers with their personalized red scarves
Before everyone parted ways, Chona Lutap, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors, presented Dr. Ramira a traveling luggage as she will continue on to pursue other leadership opportunities as she assumes the office of the Regional Vice President of the PNAA Western Region 2016-2018 where she will lead a wider scope of chapter memberships. Congratulations and we wish you all the best to come! We are all so proud of you!
PNASD Community Health Volunteers to the Rescue
 Lourdes E. DePerio MSN BSN
Community Health projects is one of the outstanding services that the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. (PNASD) has consistently supported since its inception. Local organizations had kept PNASD as their prime “go to” professional group to provide the outreach health education, blood pressure screening and First Aid services during community fairs and other events. These are provided by volunteers of PNASD members and officers, nurses and nursing students from local colleges and universities, and military navy corpsmen. Under the leadership of Crisabel Ramos, RN PHN and Merly Ferrer BSN RN, they both kept this project relevant, visible, actively functioning and dependable in the community. These two ladies had demonstrated their passion and love of the community. It never fails that their actions are highly visible as shown by their interactions with the people who surrounds them.

PNASD First Aid Volunteers with Todd Gloria, City Councilman and Former Acting Mayor of San Diego

Behind their successes are Vivian Sanderlin, BSN PHN, PNASD President, and Cece Echon, MSN RN, member of the PNASD Board of Directors, who are constantly present to render their support and appreciation of their commitments.  This committee had maintained its notoriety, credibility and trust that they are never ever short of requests for their presence in these community events. They have already received volunteer requests from various organizations and are officially booked for 2016 -2017.  The demand of their services is phenomenal and certainly reflects what PNASD stands for… PNASD Pride: Community Service!

PNASD Volunteers with Dina Ellorin, Organizing Officer of the Philippine Cultural Arts Festival
One of the outreach programs that PNASD was invited to attend recently was at the Philippine Cultural Arts Festival sponsored by the Samahan Filipino American Performance Dance on June 25 and 26 at Balboa Park. The committee was asked to manage the First Aid Booth. These two day events were exciting as it featured the various dances from the Philippines. It was overwhelmingly attended by people from all cultures and walks of life, a true demonstration of unity and blending of different cultures.  

PNASD Volunteers with Active duty hospital corpsmen

PNASD First Aid Volunteers

The PNASD volunteer team was called to action amidst the wholesome San Diego temperature, lots of foods, booths and performances of the Samahan Dance Troupe, who showcased the Filipino folkdances from the different islands in the Philippines, their colorful costumes and beautiful island music and various instruments. Cris Ramos, her team of corpsmen, and I were summoned to assist a middle age woman who apparently had seizures based on eye witnesses. As a first aid responder, the very basic care for any victim having seizures was provided. Assessment of victim’s vital signs was within normal limits, no signs of respiratory or circulatory distress, no active seizure activity, and extremities moving when her pet dog climbed over her torso.  We instructed a bystander to call 911 per protocol, and the Police force on site came to assist and stayed with victim. Paramedics came in minute’s time and the victim was stabilized and transported uneventfully via ambulance.

PNASD Volunteers, President Vivian Sanderlin with Dave Roberts, and Balboa Hospital corpsmen

PNASD Volunteers
Other services rendered at the event were blood pressure (BP) screening of 75 guests and treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.  In addition, PNASD Community Services committee are always out networking, marketing its record, its mission and goals, services offered and above all recruiting members regardless of ethnicity. These are just a short list of the other services the committee is very proud to have accomplished and a testimony of the PNASD at its BEST in the community.

PNASD Volunteers

Dr. Caccam, one of the founders of Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts
PNASD never wavered to extend an open arm to ALL nurses. Volunteers like You Makes the World a Better Place. Join our community of volunteers.  
Philippine Cultural Arts Festival
PNASD Volunteers First Aid Team
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1st Business Meeting
July 17, 2016 

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August 21, 2016 

Vacation Isle Park
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PNAA 37th Annual National Convention
July 20-24, 2016

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