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The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter 
December 2015
Newsletter Editor: LTJG Trishia Carinio, NC, USN
Starting next year (2016), PNASD will be publishing our newsletter, The Heritage, quarterly. So our next issue will be in March 2016. Thank you for all of your support!
If you have any interesting PNASD events/activities that you would like to be included in our future newsletter issues, please send articles with pictures with “The Heritage” or “PNASD Newsletter” in the subject line to Trishia (, Marlon (, and our President, Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira ( Maraming Salamat!
Past Events
  • MASBC Walk at Sea
    (October 19)
  • In-Service Education While Cruising
    (November 3)
  • PNASD Attended Heathy Aging Workshop
    (December 1)
  • PNASD partnered with SDG&E Tailgate Event Advisory
    (December 4)
  • PNASRC Celebrates First Year Anniversary
    (December 13)
  • Congratulations Dr. Flordelis Delacruz
    (December 19)
  • PNASD Christmas Party 2015
    (December 20)
Upcoming Events
  • PNASD Members' meeting
    Jan 10, 2016 @ 
    8:30 a.m.-- Sharp Spectrum
  • 10th PNAA International Nursing Conference
    Jan 26-30, 2016 -- Diamond Hotel, Philippines
  • TET Lunar New Year Festival
    Jan. 29 - 31, 2016 -- Qualcomm Stadium

  • 10th PNAA Western Region Annual Conference
  • April 15-16, 2016 -- Chaparral Suites Scottsdale, AZ
  • More events and information to come
Thank you Ms. Dorothy Brown for sharing some of your photos from the Christmas party!
A Message from Our PNASD President: Upcoming Meeting January 10
Please attend the first PNASD Members' meeting for 2016 - it will be on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at Sharp Spectrum @ 8:30 a.m. Breakfast will be provided. Virtud Oloan, Advanced Practice Nurse will be our guest speaker, her topic is on Mental Health. 1 CE will be provided to members attending the presentation.
Looking forward to network with all of you at our meeting!

Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD President, 2014-2016
PNAA Western Region, Chair of Education
Past Events
MSABC Walk at Sea
By: Vickie Berbano
PNASD Past-President & PNAA EB
There were 38 passengers in our group who joined the RCCL Jewel of the Seas headed for a tour of the Panama Canal. I could not join the walk for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and to show my support I had to find a way to do it while at sea. Part of my luggage were 40 pink bracelets, pink shirts and the ACS banner “I’m here, because of you". I prayed every day that it will not be too windy to walk on the 19th of Oct at the promenade deck of the RCCL Jewel of the Seas ship .I wanted to do it on the 18th but the ship was docked in Guatemala and people may not be able to join. Marketing the walk was challenging but we prevailed.

At 7:45 am the "pink cruisers "were ready. Providing them with the information about the quest to find a cure, made it easier to find other guests to join us. We walked 2x that morning to give time for people who were not able to do it the first time.  The energy of everyone walking was amazing.  We talked about our loved ones we lost, those who are enduring the challenge of chemotherapy Radiation Treatment, and the fight for the survivors may not be over yet. Thank you for those who walked with us. Yes indeed we generated funds for American Cancer Society, to me it was all worth the effort. 

In-Service Education while Cruising
On November 3, 2015, PNASD President, Dr. Merlie Ramira, with the assistance of Erlinda Mascardo, PNASD Chair of Education Committee, provided in-service education to several nurses and their family members while cruising the Asian countries that included Hong Kong (Macau), Taiwan, Philippines (Manila, Boracay, & Palawan), Malaysia, Borneo, Brunei, and Singapore.

Dr. Ramira during the in-service education
The topic of the education was on Intuitive Eating and Positive Self Talk.  Discussions on different types of eaters, how to turn around a negative talk to a positive one, information on chronic diseases, exercise and healthy diet, and even counting calories were also covered during the talk. The topic on Intuitive Eating was relevant for the travelers who have been in a cruise ship for 10 days, with exposure to “a variety of food temptations.”
PNASD thanked Sarah Poblete, RDN for providing the information for this topic. One continuing education unit was provided to the nurses. The information that we learned did not stay at the conference room, cruisers observed and practiced intuitive eating and positive self-talk throughout the entire travel.

PNASD members and friends with their family members

(Image above L-R: Blanca Paloma, Fe Delosreyes, Vivian Sanderlin, Lourdes Deperio, Cece Echon, Elivie Magsarili, Chona Lutap, Vickie Berbano)

PNASD Attended Healthy Aging Workshop
By: Fe Delosreyes

PNASD members attended the Healthy Aging as presented by the Healthy San Diego Health Education and Cultural/Linguistic Workgroup on December 1, 2015, at Scottish Rite Center, Golden Eagle Room 1895 Camino Del Rio South, and San Diego, CA 92108. The speakers provided information about resources that are accessible to seniors through the Aging Program Administrator for Aging and Independence Services, Health and Human Services Agency County of San Diego, and Aging and disability Resource Connection (ADRC). PNASD attendees included Chona Lutap, Vivian Sanderlin, Fe Delosreyes, Vickie Berbano, Elvie Magsarili, Cece Echon, Blanca Paloma, and Lourdes Deperio, They received two hours of continuing education , had free lunch , and a free raffle ticket for a surprised gift. Vickie Berbano and Elvie Magsarili won a gift card and a holiday scented centerpiece.

Fe Delosreyes & Vivian Sanderlin

PNASD partnered with SDG&E Tailgate Event Advisory
By: Erlinda Mascardo


San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Tailgate Event Advisory was held at 436H Street, Chula Vista on December 4, 2015. The goal was for SDG&E to provide services and resources to their own clients and employees especially during this holiday season. This is the first time PNASD collaborated with SDG&E through Martha Quintero, the event coordinator, who was very appreciative of our presence.

The event was from 0900-1300 at the parking lot with approximately 8-10 booths. The booths were represented by the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego, the Sweetwater Water Authority, Southern California Caregivers, Living Coast Discovery Center, and Kalusugan/Kalakasan that provided information and services from each organizations.

(L-R) Erlinda Mascardo (PNASD Vice-President), Vivian Sanderlin (President-Elect), Martha Quintero (Energy Solutions Advisor), Dr. Ofelia Dirige (Kalusugan/Kalasakan CEO & Founder), Maria Reyes (from SDG&E). Not in picture is Fe Delos Reyes, PNASD corresponding secretary


It was a nice, sunny day in having the opportunity in meeting the people who were coming and going out of the SDG&E building doing their business transactions stopping by at different booths. PNASD team provided blood pressure screening to 30 clients and health education on stroke, hypertension, and diabetes. PNASD shared a booth with Dr. Ofelia Dirige of Kalusugan, a Registered Dietitian teaching nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.

Before closing time, PNASD members visited booths of SDG&E and Techno-Art that provided some tips on energy saving solutions using LED light bulbs that are energy efficient and help reduce electricity consumption. Thanks to Fe Delos Reyes for volunteering and Vivian Sanderlin for connecting with SDG&E for this community event. This was an opportunity in widening our array of PNASD network and being visible in the community.


L-R: Martha Quintero, Vivian Sanderlin & Linda Mascardo

PNASRC Celebrates First Year Anniversary
By: Cece Echon, MSN, RN
PNASD Board Member


A group of energetic board members and officers of PNA San Diego led by Dr. Merlie Ramira, President and Chona Lutap, Chair of the Board of Directors drove early Sunday morning on December 13, 2015 to Temecula, California to join the nurses of the South Riverside County in celebrating their first anniversary as sub-chapter of PNASD.


(L-R: Gina Cascolan, Merlie Ramira, Benita Valle, Mel Madrid, Trelly Abad, Lourdes DePerio, Elvie Magsarili, Chona Lutap, Fe Delosreyes, Cece Echon, Fona Fornasdoro, Sandra Cid)

The beautiful and memorable day started with a power breakfast at Panera Bread as members of PNASRC and PNASD came to attend. Positive tone, leadership, and caring atmosphere set by Dr. Ramira were the core values observed during the event as she opened and welcomed everyone at the table. She recognized and praised all the officers and members of PNASRC as they continue to work hard to promote the professional image of all nurses and maintain their status as a Sub-chapter of PNASD. As the officers arrived, each were given a corsage as a sign of recognition and honor.

Beets Valle, President of PNASRC, started the business meeting by discussing the strengths and weakness of the association. She appreciated the challenges they are faced with as a young sub-chapter and thanked the officers and members present for their commitment and support. She also discussed and solidified the business meeting schedule for 2016. Recruitment and retention of members were discussed and planned to initiate the “calling tree” method for efficiency. As the meeting progressed and more issues were discussed, members present started to get excited and seemed re-energized as Dr. Ramira and other board members kept on providing tips for best practices in the organization.

PNASD and PNASRC members
(L-R Back: Sandra Cid, Fona Fornasdoro, Gina Cascolan, Merlie Ramira, Benita Valle, Chona Lutap, Cece Echon, Elvie Magsarili, Fe Delosreyes, Trelly Abad)

(L-R Front: Vickie Berbano, Linda Mascardo, Mel Madrid, Tessie Porciuncula, Lourdes DePerio)

Vickie Berbano, member of the Executive board of PNAA, gave a glimpse of the operational workings of the mother chapter. Ludy DePerio chimed in on Nursing Concurrency and Chona Lutap on “Balik Aklatan” project. After a productive business meeting, the anniversary celebration started with a beautiful plaque presented by Dr. Merlie Ramira and Chona Lutap to the President, Beets Valle and Treasurer, Gina Cascolan. Also present were Sandra Cid and Mel Madrid, the pillars of the PNASRC. Fona Fornasdoro and Trelly, members of PNASRC were in attendance as well. Eddie Fornasdoro, husband of Fona, our future honorary member was also present in support of his wife. Unfortunately, Gigi Narisma and Mylene Cabrito, President-elect and Secretary respectively were not able to attend. The three hour business meeting/celebration was a success and concluded with multiple group photos! Happy 1st. Anniversary PNASRC! More power to you!

PNASRC President Benita “Beets Valle holding the Certificate of Congratulations for their First Year Anniversary

PNASRC members holding their Christmas ornaments, with Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President

Congratulations Dr. Flordelis Delacruz


On December 19, 2015, Flordelis Delacruz, DNP, a PNASD member has successfully defended her Capstone Project, “THE IMPACT OF A ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSION ON HEART FAILURE PATIENTS’ KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-CARE DISEASE MANAGEMENT.

Dr. Delacruz graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP). She currently works at National University as Clinical Assistant Professor, Department Course Lead Foundations of Nursing Practice. Dr. Delacruz has been the PNASD 2014 Scholarship recipient. Way to go, Dr. Delacruz, a job well-done! PNASD is so proud of you.

Dr. Flordelis Delacruz

Azusa Pacific University

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: My sincerest gratitude for the unconditional support that I received from my family, friends, peers, students, and my mentors (Dr. S. Pamela Shiao, Dr. Merlie Ramira, Dr. Lowell Renold, Dr. Aurelia Macabasco-O’Connell, Dr. Patricia Quinn, and Dr. Benjamin Camacho and his staff at Sweetwater Medical and Cardiovascular Institute).

PNASD Christmas Party 2015
Lourdes DePerio, MSN, RN
Member, PNASD Board

The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County (PNASD), Incorporated celebrated the last event of the year 2015 with a Christmas Party with its members and their families at Seaside Buffet in San Diego. It’s a party to enjoy the holiday season and the PNASD’s way to reflect the many success stories, events, services, and other activities and to say thank you to a great leader Dr Merlie Ramira, PNASD President and members who undoubtedly volunteered their time in 2015 to make this organization one of the most recognized group in the community and amongst professional nursing organizations.

The party was attended by an estimated 87 guests, the largest attendance ever recorded by PNASD in all the Christmas parties held. Chona Lutap, Chair of the PNASD Board of Directors and Cece Echon, Board member, our party planners, worked diligently to make this event as successful as they envisioned it to be. Vicky Berbano, PNASD Board Member and the host of the program, welcomed the guests and began the program for the event. She invited Mr. Ricardo Contreras the representative from Grand Canyon University, the sponsor of the party to speak about the services the school has to offer. Dr. Ramira then welcomed and thanked the members for their services and the community’s support of the mission and goals of the organization. She expressed her endless gratitude of how the organization had come a long way and be an organization well recognized in the community. Deacon Manny Porciuncula delivered the invocation and the guests began to enjoy the sumptuous buffet of seafood, meats, veggies, fruits, desserts and other delicacies so difficult to ignore. Gift exchange ensued, and everyone joined in the singing to honor the December birthday celebrants, Dr. Ramira, Vivian Sanderlin, Glynn Cascolan, Elvira Moon, Cris Ramos, Marissa Marquez and a guest Leo DeJesus.

PNASD members and friends

PNASD members & friends

PNASRC officers & members

It was a day of fun, laughter and food galore enjoyed by everyone. PNASD extends their big thank you to Vivian Sanderlin, incoming President 2016-2018 for inviting Grand Canyon University and funding the event and of course to Cece Echon and Chona Lutap who made sure this party will kick off right and all guests will have a great time. PNA Riverside County officers, members and their guests came to join in the celebration and we thank their presence.

PNASD President, Dr. Merlie Ramira, with new PNASD members (USD students)

PNASD Officers

The celebration ended with a closing inspirational words from Vicky Berbano reminding everyone the spirit of giving and to remember the charity organization Hospicio de San Jose, an orphanage caring for HIV/AIDS patients in the Philippines, and the new initiative PNASD is embarking in the Philippines. She encouraged the members and guest to consider giving their donation either via the website or simply sending their check to PNASD.

PNASD officers with GCU staff – Mr. Ricardo Contreras

PNASD officers

In closing this event, PNASD wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And as Dr. Ramira puts it in Tagalog, “Maligayang Pasko and Manigong Bagong Taon Sainyong lahat“!!

Pictures: courtesy of Dorothy Brown

Upcoming Events
Call for Conference Scholarship Applications
Do you have nursing and relatives and friends in the Philippines? If so, invite them to apply for the PNASD Conference Scholarship for the 2016 PNAA International Conference in Manila.

Hello Current Members of PNASD, we are issuing you a challenge!

This year of 2015, the PNASD is striving to gain at least 50 new members into the PNASD before the end of this year.  

We are working toward our Association’s transition into a 503c tax status for our San Diego Chapter.   The PNASD accepts members who are of any race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. 

We are strongly encouraging each of you to reach out to a minimum of TWO:

Co-workers   -   Colleagues   -   Nursing students   -   Retired nurses
  • Both non-Filipino and Filipino nurses 
  • LVN – ADN  – BSN – MSN – Ph.D. – DNP status
  • Any field of nursing practice
  • Anywhere in San Diego County
Provide them a hard copy membership form or this PNASD website link and encourage them to join.

We want to see an increased number of members and for all members to volunteer, attend business meetings, join committees, and attend our functions throughout the year.

Please keep track of what nurses you refer.  A special treat will be given to the current PNASD member who recruits the most new members!

Thank you to everyone,

Mollie Nunn, RN                       Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD member                       PNASD President 2014-2016, 

Thank You to Our Bronze Corporate Sponsors!

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