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The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter 
Spring 2016
Newsletter Editor: LTJG Trishia Carinio, NC, USN

You are invited to attend our Members' meeting on Sunday, April 10, 2016. On this day, we will also have the election of the incoming officers for 2016-2018.

Per PNASD By-laws, full paid current active nursing professional members are allowed to participate to vote. LVN, Allied Health Professionals and student members are exempt to participate in the voting process. If you are not available to attend the meeting, please stop by to cast your vote.
If you have any interesting PNASD events/activities that you would like to be included in our future newsletter issues, please send articles with pictures with “The Heritage” or “PNASD Newsletter” in the subject line to Trishia (, Marlon (, and our President, Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira ( Maraming Salamat!
Featured Articles
  • PNASD Awards / Congratulations Corner
  • PNASD Strategic Planning
  • PNASD Balik-Aklatan Project
Past Events
  • PNASD President participates in International Outreach Program
    (Jan. 21-30, 2016)
  • PNASD Supports Philippine Scholars at PNAA 10th International Conference
    (Jan. 27-29, 2016)
  • PNASD visits Hospicio De San Jose in the City of Manila, Philippines
    (Jan. 30, 2016)
  • PNASD joins Medical Mission in the Philippines
    b. 7-14, 2016)
  • PNASD attended USD School of Nursing Employment Fair
    (Feb. 10, 2016)
Future Events
  • PNASD Members' meeting
    April 10, 2016 @ 
    8 a.m.-- Sharp Spectrum
  • 10th PNAA Western Region Annual Conference
    April 15-16, 2016 -- Chaparral Suites Scottsdale, AZ
  • PNASD Nurses Week Celebration @ Sunrise Buffet
    Sunday, May 1, 2016: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    (RSVP by 4/20 with Cece Echon or Chona Lutap)
  • PNASD 42nd Anniversary
    Saturday, June 11, 2016 @ Sheraton Mission Valley San Diego Hotel
    RSVP with Vivian Sanderlin or Chona Lutap
  • More events and information to come
Featured Articles

PNASD Awards/Congratulations Corner

Gemma Rama-Banaag, Chief Nursing Officer, Paradise Valley Hospital, National City, CA

Congratulations to PNASD member, Ms. Gemma Rama-Banaag for being the Keynote Speaker for the 6th South East Asian HealthCare Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on February 20, 2016. She will also be a speaker at the 7th Annual Meeting, Becker’s convention in Chicago, Illinois on April 27-30, 2016. The Becker’s convention is attended by Healthcare leaders in the Nation. She will be a speaker alongside with President George W. Bush and Christopher Van Gorder from Scripps Health Care systems. Gemma’s topic is “Healthcare Reform and Revamping the Role of the CNO.”

Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President, Vice-Chair Education, PNAA Western Region

Congratulations to PNASD President, Dr. Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira for the publication of her article, “Ramira, M.L., Instone, S., & Clark, M.J. (2016). Pediatric pain management: An evidence-based approach, Pediatric Nursing, 42, 39-49.”

PNASD Strategic Planning 2016-2018
By: Vickie Berbano, RN, MHA, BSN

An immersion in education, community involvement, professional collaboration!

The choice of having this meeting on daylight savings time made the Leadership team struggle through the change but being PNASD, we prevailed. So we walked into the Spectrum with "bright eyes and bushy tails" roaring to go! We were fortunate to have our PNASRC sub chapter join us to experience this event.

The introduction began with our Core Values: Caring, Excellence, Service Integrity, and Inclusiveness. It provided us with our guidelines focused on our sustainability with a sound strategy for the next term. The attendees included the officers and Board of Directors; Merlie Ramira, Vivian Sanderlin, Linda Mascardo, Vickie Berbano (facilitator), Fe DelosReyes, Cece Echon, Lourdes Deperio, Chona Lutap, Maria Camilon, Elvie Magsarili, Tessie Porciuncula, Linda Mabanta-PNASD member; the PNASRC officers who attend the meeting were Gigi Narisma and Fona Fornasdoro.

(The group)

(Merlie Ramira & Vickie Berbano)

With Merlie Ramira's innovative leadership she enumerated the highlights of our accomplishment during her term. We are now positioned and recognized by our colleagues and our professional collaborators with her innovative leadership. The goals and plans of Vivian Sanderlin was laid out for everybody's perusal. Her theme PRIDE, in Community Service fits Vivian's love to serve. This is why we would need to work on our membership so we may reach our goal in response to the needs of our community. Both of the information as written by the outgoing and incoming President shall be in our website soon. The afternoon was an interactive discussion of our SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) analysis based on our previous 2014-2016 SWOT. The results will be tallied and shared with PNASRC. It shall be discussed as a part of our Business meeting during the hand-off.

 (L-R Back: Lina Mabanta, Fe Delosreyes, Lourdes Deperio, Maria Camilon, Tessie Porciuncula, Elvie Magsarili, Cece Echon, Gigi Narisma, Fona Fornasdoro (L-R Front: Vivian Sanderlin, Merlie Ramira, Chona Lutap, Linda Mascardo, Vickie Berbano)

We are looking forward to the new Leadership team headed by Vivian Sanderlin!
PNASD Balki-Aklatan Project
By: Chona Lutap, RN, BSN
“Balik-Aklatan” which means Book-Sharing has been one of PNASD's new projects that is most gratifying. This project supports the schools, nurses and nursing students with the purpose of utilizing these books and journals as references for their library and for personal use. PNASD has a process to follow in obtaining these books and journals.

PNASD collect nursing books with less than 5 years of publication and also journals with less than 2 years of publication. The books and journals are collected during our General Membership meetings. Nursing educators from different schools in San Diego are the frequent donors of the books and journals. The package with books is sent to the Philippines by door to door delivery. The arrival of the books and journals is scheduled to arrive before the start of the PNAA International Conference in the Philippines. We schedule the delivery so the books/journals will arrive to the Philippines before the start of the PNAA International Conferences. The distribution of books/journals happens during the PNAA educational conference in the Philippines. PNASD committee chair, Chona Lutap approached the attendees and inquired if they are interested to receive books and journals. PNASD selects small urban and provincial schools that may be lacking of financial support for library, or unable to afford to buy books.

Some of the recipients of the Balik-Aklatan (Book-sharing) were from Mindanao, Cebu, Ilocos Norte (Mariano Marcos University, has been a recipient for 2 years), Fe Del Mundo Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph College in Manila. For this year, our PNASD Philippine based scholars who attended the PNAA International Conference were also given several books.

This is such a rewarding project for PNASD, in having our nursing books from US being recycled and shared with the Philippine schools and nurses who may not have the financial resources in buying books. PNASD would like to invite schools and educators from US to donate books and journals to PNASD Balik-Aklatan project so we can continue to share these materials with nurses from other countries.
Past Events

PNASD Volunteers at 2016 New Lunar Year Festival
Crisabel Ramos, RN, BSHCM, CMCN

PNASD spearheaded the First Aid team during the celebration of 2016 New Lunar Year Festival that was held on January 29-31, 2016. This has been the 3rd year of PNASD’s participation on this community event presented by The Little Saigon of San Diego, and sponsored by 28 other business establishments and organizations. The first two days of celebration featured several fabulous lion dances, live performances, Asian Cultural Village, martial arts with special feature of the “1000 Years of Vietnamese Fashion.”

Volunteers from SWC, SDNAHN, SDBNA with PNASD Officers Cris Ramos, Merly Ferrer and Cece Echon


Volunteers with PNASD officers Linda Mascardo and Cris Ramos

Volunteers with PNASD members Cris Ramos, Linda Mascardo and Jessie Del Mundo

PNASD First Aid team included nurse-volunteers from PNASD, Nurse Practitioner (NP) and registered nurses (RNs) from San Diego Black Nurses Association (SDBNA), the San Diego National Association of Hispanic Nurses (SDNAHN), nursing students from Southwestern College (SWC); and from Kaplan College, active duty hospital corpsmen and other civilian volunteer.

PNASD Volunteers

PNASD Volunteers

The First Aid Team entailed blood pressure screening, health education, first aid treatment on minor injuries like mild skin abrasion, giving out health related flyers to 102 clients on the first and second day of the festival. The event was halted by the inevitable inclement weather that hovered the whole city of San Diego on the last day, Sunday, January 31, 2016. PNASD volunteers included thirteen RN's (5 from PNASD; 4 from SDNAHN; 2RNs and an NP from SDBNA, and an RN from SWC); 14 Active Duty hospital corpsmen, 44 Nursing students from SWC and Kaplan and 1 civilian volunteer. PNASD will always be committed to serve the community for health promotion and disease prevention.

PNASD visits Hospicio De San Jose in the City of Manila, Philippines
By: Vivian D. Sanderlin, RN, BSN, PHN

On Jan. 30, 2016, PNASD members led by President Dr. Merlie Ramira visited Hospicio De San Jose (HDSJ) in the City of Manila, Philippines. The Hospicio is a Roman Catholic institution and it is the first social welfare institution of the country to house orphans, the poor and unwanted children, physically and mentally handicapped and aging residents. The Sisters of Charity have been administering the institution since 1865. The members who visited the place included President-elect, Ms. Vivian Sanderlin, PNAA Executive Board member and PNASD Board of Director, Ms. Vickie Berbano, Ms. Chona Lutap, PNASD Chair of Board of Directors, Ms. Lorna Herce, PNASD Auditor, Lina Mabanta, member, and Dr. Renee McLeod, PNASD Honorary member. PNASD members met with the Hospicio De San Jose Administrator, Sister Maria Evidente and presented her with monetary donation for the institution.

Hospicio De San Jose Administrator approved and consented posting the article and pictures at PNASD Newsletter).

(L-R: Lina Mabanta, Vivian Sanderlin, HDSJ staff, Merlie Ramira, Renee McLeod, Chona Lutap, Vickie Berbano)

(L-R: Chola Lutap, Vivian Sanderlin, Lina Mabanta, Sister Maria Evidente, Merlie Ramira, Renee McLeod, Lorna Herce, Vickie Berbano)

On February 15, 2016, PNASD members Chona Lutap, Vickie Berbano, Lorna Herce, and Ms. Vivian Sanderlin returned to Hospicio de San Jose to provide food and help feed the 140 residents of Hospicio De San Jose. The one-day feeding program was a success that was held at the facility’s Auditorium. The meal was pre-ordered from Goldilocks restaurant and delivered on time for lunch. Each lunch box included rice, barbeque pork, fresh lumpia with sauce (eggroll) and Gulaman (Boba) drinks. The food was served to each resident and the institution’s staff.

A short program was prepared by the residents and Ms. Sanderlin presented a short talk about PNASD and she formally introduced the PNASD members. A group of seniors presented PNASD a medley of beautiful Filipino and English songs as their way of appreciating the food and in return, PNASD members sang a few songs to them. Residents voiced their appreciation by saying “Salamat” or “Thank you” in English, gave us hugs as we were leaving the institution.

Payment for the meals of 140 residents and staff of Hospicio De San Jose was donated by generous PNASD members. We appreciate their contribution to this special project.

(L-R – Lorna Herce, Chona Lutap, Sister & Vivian Sanderlin)

(President elect Vivian Sanderlin with HDSJ residents)

(HDSJ residents - singing)

PNASD Supports Philippine Scholars at PNAA 10th International Conference

PNASD President: Merlie Ramira, DNP, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD Chair, Board of Directors: Chona Lutap, RN, BSN

LEAD, EMPOWER, and TRANSFORM, Let’s Do it! A powerful theme for an educational conference of PNAA International Conference held in Manila, Philippines on January 27-29, 2016. PNASD delegates who attended the conference were Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President, Chona Lutap, Chair Board of Directors, Vivian Sanderlin, President-elect, Vickie Berbano, PNAA Executive Board Member, Lorna Herce, PNASD Auditor, Lina Mabanta, member, and Dr. Renee McLeod, USU Dean of the College of Nursing, PNASD Honorary member, speaker at the PNAA International Conference, her topic, “Mobile Technology is Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered.” Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President and USU Director & Professor, MSN, FNP Program presented her poster presentation entitled, “Exploring Foreign Educated Physicians’ Experiences Graduating from an FNP Program, “The study was co-authored by Dr. George Peraza-Smith and Dr. Renee McLeod.

PNAA INC L-R: Dean Elizabeth Roxas, National President, ADPCN, Dr. Leticia Hermosa, PNAA President, Dr. Renee McLeod, USU Dean College of Nursing, Dr. Mila Delia Llanes, National President, Philippine Nurses Association

Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President & Dr. Letty Hermosa, PNAA President

L-R: May Mayor, Lolit Compas, Dr. Renee McLeod, Dr. Manuel Dayrit, Dr, Rosalinda Milla, Dr. Merlie Ramira, May Cuevas

L-R Back: Ernest Guevara, Harby Abellanosa, Myrna Bisquera, Allen Cantos, Karl Martin, Vivian Sanderlin, Vickie Berbano
L-R Front: Lina Mabanta, Joy Apsay, Lorna Herce, Merlie Ramira, Letty Hermosa, Chona Lutap, Dino Doliente III

L-R: Karl Martin, Dr, Merlie Ramira, Allen Cantos, Dr. Renee McLeod

In meeting the goal of promoting professional development, PNASD and some of the members sponsored a Full Conference Scholarship for six Philippine based nurses at the 2016 PNAA International Nursing Conference. “Sponsor-A-Nurse” committee was spearheaded by Marlon Saria, Merlie Ramira and Chona Lutap. The scholars were chosen out of 31 applicants who responded to surveymonkey questions: “Tell us why you became a nurse, and “Why should PNASD select you to receive the scholarship.” Their responses were scored blindly with 10 as the highest. Included were PNASD scholars and quotes from their responses on questions on why you became a nurse; why PNASD should choose you as scholars; what you have learned from the conference; and how will you share the knowledge learned from the leaders presenting at the conference with the nursing community.

PNASD Scholars

PNASD Scholars with Dr. Franklin Shaffer

Scholars with PNASD Officers & Members

PNASD Scholars

Mr. Allen Cantos

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Batangas Medical Center

Publication: Cantos, A.E., Alday, M.K., Alog, K.J., Asi, K.J., Calacal, R.H., & Britiller, M.C. (2015). The Changing Learning Needs of Student Nurses: Input to the Nursing Curriculum, Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol (3) 108-119.

“My own personal experience taught me to become passionate and understanding to my patients and their families. I learned so many things that I will never learn in school and one of those learning is to become selfless and to have a good and kind heart for patients because each of them have different stories. I am an advocate education and improvement of nursing care and I will bring change after this conference. I am deserving to learn and bring change education.”

Mr. Harby O. Abellanosa, RN, MSN, CRN
ISO 9001:2008 Certified  QMS Lead Auditor
Chief Nurse / Nurse V
Talisay District Hospital (Dr. Jacinto Velez Memorial Hospital)

“A barometer that I am using that we have touch our patient’s life is when we will be able to receive a heartwarming thanksgiving from our patients words such as “Salamat kaayo sa inyoha Mam ug Sir, maka uli na gyud mi and naulian gyud ako anak” (Thank you so much, because of you we are already discharge and my child has recovered from illness) Every smile and every gesture of thanksgiving makes me say that in our own little way of providing nursing care to our clients we were able to touch their lives successfully. “

Ernest Genesis M. Guevara, BSN, MPH (Student)
Research Assistant | Development of a National Multi-Sectoral Strategy for Drowning Prevention
University of the Philippines Manila – College of Public Health (in partnership with World Health Organization)
Pedro Gil, Manila City

“The conference became more than just an organized event but a platform where leaders can discuss similarities and differences and improve, share inter-country and inter-border best practices, traditions and customs. Overall, the whole conference was a statement that we, nurses, exist for a grand purpose. And to be able to attend and be inspired by the people who gave lectures and from people we’ve met, especially to the delegations of the PNAA-SD, we are blessed enough to partake of this event and be part of that cycle that continuously hope for a better health care in the country and in the world. The conference would always remind me why the world is a better place because of nurses.”

Karl Joseph Dino Martin, RN, MSN
(HOPE - Helping Out the Profession through Education)
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)
Policy and Research Unit
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory

“The 10th International Nursing Conference went by swiftly and the conference opened doors of great possibilities for me. It has educated me about the future that I should look forward to in nursing. The wisdom of the nursing leaders that I came across with during the duration of the conference has empowered me, as a young professional nurse, to help transform the profession and bring it to greater heights. Our profession is based on the principle of caring and through our simple caring acts, people will respect and value the importance of our existence in the health care team. Therefore, we should not underestimate the potential of our simple ways in changing the lives of others and in uplifting the image of the nursing profession.”

Flora Joy Uy Apsay, RN, BSN
Operating Room Nurse
Mandaluyong City Medical Center

“I think my main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. I am also a person who thrives on being challenged and I always have new goals to achieve, so nursing suits me as few other careers offer as much diversity and learning opportunities. The value of education is something that I have understood since a very young age. My parents made a commitment early in my life to do everything within their power to instill in me a love of learning and understanding of the importance of hard work and dedication. With this, I know I'll be able to feed my thirst for knowledge and insights from people who I know will bring motivation to the world of nursing. I can assure you that I will be a dedicated professional that you will be proud to count among your ranks.”

John Thomas Medina, RN | Healthcare Associate
Capstone Solutions Inc.
19th Floor Multinational Bancorporation Centre, 6805 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Mr. Thomas John Medina, PNASD 6th scholar who attended the conference.

“First and foremost I never expected to be included in this big event of nurses gathered from different parts of the world. It was overwhelming just to listen to the experiences shared by the speakers. I’ve learned that there are lots of opportunities in this field that could inspire you and transform you from just a normal happy go lucky individual to a more complex goal-oriented person. I would like to quote this word/phrase; Ohana means family, and family means nobody is left behind. Even though we are now in different parts of world, they never forget where they all started. Thank you to PNASD for sponsoring me to attend the international conference. I would really like to acknowledge the people that helped me and invited me to join this conference (Dr. Ramira, Dr. McLeod, Ms. Chona Lutap, and Ms. Cuevas).”

PNASD President participates in International Outreach Program
Merlie Ramira, DNP, FNP-BC, CEN

PNASD President, Dr. Merlie Ramira and Dr. Renee McLeod, Dean of College of Nursing, and Dr. Rosalinda Milla, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences at the United States University visited the Philippines January 21st - 30th, 2016 to meet with schools and hospitals for future nursing partnership and collaboration. The goals are to exchange faculty and students, promote education and current health care evidence-based practices, and the opportunity to offer courses from both countries. They visited several nursing schools and hospitals in Manila, Cavite, and Pampanga. They met with Ms. Elizabeth Roxas, the current President of the Association of Deans and Philippine Colleges of Nursing, Incorporated, including several Deans from other schools. They also met with Dr. Mila Delia Llanes, President of Philippine Nurses Association and key physicians from different hospitals.

(Dr. Ramira and Dr. McLeod with the Deans)

(L-R: D. McLeod, Dr. Ramira, Dr. Mila Llanes, Chona Lutap)

In Manila and Cavite, they visited Tytana College, Adamson University, Manila Doctors Hospital, and De LaSalle University; and while in Pampanga, they visited George Dewey Hospital and Unihealth Baypointe Hospital. They also attended a Research Congress at Tytana College, Manila, Philippines. Dr. Renee McLeod was the keynote speaker at this Research Congress. Her presentation was comparing the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). There were 500 plus participants from 40 nursing schools and 18 hospitals. Dr. Ramira and Dr. McLeod attended the poster and podium presentations and were impressed with the caliber and quality of the posters presented, students were knowledgeable about their research projects. Both of them were also invited as guest speakers for a health care forum that was held on January 27, 2016 at De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Cavite. There were several questions on the current nursing trends and practices in the United States as well as on how to prepare to be a successful nurse practicing in United States.

Drs. Milla, McLeod, Ramira at Tytana College

Tytana College Leaders

Pictures with Students at Tytana Research Congress:

Manila Doctors Hospital

MDH ED Nurses & MDs

Adamson University with students

Adamson University with students

Unihealth Baypointe Hospital with MD and nurses

De La Salle University and students

De La Salle University and students

De La Salle University and students

As the President of PNASD, I am very humbled and honored to be back in the Philippines with the opportunity to explore the nursing education and healthcare system. During our meeting with the students, I realized and affirmed that the reasons the Philippine nurses were sought after to practice in other countries were because, they exemplify the best in nursing; respectfulness, professionalism, knowledge, and self -motivation. Philippines is really a country of hospitable and caring people.

(I would like to acknowledge all our new friends from the Philippines who shared their photos to be published to PNASD newsletter).

PNASD joins Medical Mission in the Philippines

On February 7-14, 2016, Ms. Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President-elect joined the Medical Mission of Mercy group staged a medical mission in the province of Romblon, Philippines. They were involved in the health and wellness program in teaching about Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac diseases, Tuberculosis, and other chronic diseases. Vivian also served as an interpreter to convey health information to the participants. The overall objective of the medical mission is to help prevent diseases and promote health through health education of the community.

L-R: Dr. Aicha-dentist, Dr. J. Cabrito -NP, Dr. Mortho-Orthodontist, Mylene & Vivian)

Vivian with several clients waiting to be seen for consult

Public health office

Vivian with clients

PNASD attended USD School of Nursing Employment Fair
By: Erlinda Mascardo, RN, BSN, PHN

The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. (PNASD) attended the University of San Diego (USD) Employment Fair, sponsored by Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science at University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA  92110-2492, Bldg. #12. The event was held on February 10, 2016 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, Room 106 at Irene Palmer Lecture Hall. PNASD officers, Erlinda Mascardo and Fe Delosreyes, attended the event.

Approximately 30-40 participants attended the employment fair including new registered nurse (RN) graduates, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Nursing Administration, and Health Care Informatics. Several employment agencies and vendors also attended the fair including the SD Black Nurses Association, SD Hispanic Nurses Association, and PNASD. PNASD recruited a new member at the event, Makathleene Puno, a USD MSN student.

(L-R) Fe De Los Reyes, Erlinda Mascardo, Virginia Aguayo and Diana Pineda USD MPEN student and PNASD scholarship recipient 2015, and Dr. Kathy Marsh, USD faculty.

A special thank you to Cathleen Mumper, Director of Admissions and Student Services, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science for always inviting PNASD to attend the annual event.
Upcoming Events
Click link for more information about the 2016 Western Region Conference for Philippine Nurses Association of American, Inc.

Hello Current Members of PNASD, we are issuing you a challenge!

This year of 2015, the PNASD is striving to gain at least 50 new members into the PNASD before the end of this year.  

We are working toward our Association’s transition into a 503c tax status for our San Diego Chapter.   The PNASD accepts members who are of any race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. 

We are strongly encouraging each of you to reach out to a minimum of TWO:

Co-workers   -   Colleagues   -   Nursing students   -   Retired nurses
  • Both non-Filipino and Filipino nurses 
  • LVN – ADN  – BSN – MSN – Ph.D. – DNP status
  • Any field of nursing practice
  • Anywhere in San Diego County
Provide them a hard copy membership form or this PNASD website link and encourage them to join.

We want to see an increased number of members and for all members to volunteer, attend business meetings, join committees, and attend our functions throughout the year.

Please keep track of what nurses you refer.  A special treat will be given to the current PNASD member who recruits the most new members!

Thank you to everyone,

Mollie Nunn, RN                       Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD member                       PNASD President 2014-2016
Thank You to Our Bronze Corporate Sponsors!

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